As many as you know, I will be attending both Copenhagen & Stockholm Fashion Weeks in the next few days.

I cant tell you how excited I am, not only because I have never been in either place, but because Scandinavian style is my main inspiration and yeah, I am pretty much obsessed with all things Scandinavian, so this will be such an amazing experience.

Many of you will be wondering; What’s up with Andy, has she gone crazy and thats why she is wearing a sweater in the middle of summer? and the answer is; Its not me who is going crazy, its the Dutch weather, who very often likes testing my intolerance for low temperatures.


Como muchos de ustedes ya saben, en los próximos dias me voy a Copenhague y a Estocolmo a las Semanas de la moda.

Estoy que me muero de la emoción, sin exagerar y no solo es por que nunca he estado ahí, sino por que el estilo Escandinavo es mi mas grande inspiración y ultimamente me encuentro enamorada y obsesionada con todo lo que tiene que ver con Escandinavia.

Muchos de ustedes se preguntaran; ¿Que le pasa a Andy?, ¿Se volvio loca y por eso trae un suéter a medio verano? y la respuesta es: No, no me he vuelto loca, es este clima Holandés al que de repente y a medio verano se le ocurre probar mi intolerancia al frio.


Sheep Jumper: River Island
Tank top: American Apparel
Cycling shorts: DIY



  1. such a perfect summer outfit. im currently obsessed with bike shorts, and therefor love this outfit! have fun at the 2 fashionweeks!

  2. Heey! I love it!I have 1 picture on my blogg, for my article ''Blazers & Cardigans''. I taked it from . Just take a look ;]www.hippthingz.wordpress.comXx Hipp.

  3. That cardigan is so quirky and I really love it! Beautifully ironic (wool+sheep+lol), and you look fab as usual. :)

  4. I hope you'll enjoy Denmark. The weather is, however, also quite chageable here so good idea to bring sweaters ;o)Hugs from Denmark,Louise

  5. OMG…You are going to Sweden!I 'm sooooo jealous(in a good way!).It's my favorite country!!!!!!Girl,enjoy every minute of it!I wish you could be at Athens Fashion week,too!love,Alexandra.

  6. I would be ridiculous if I had the idea of wearing that cardigan, but you look gorgeous ! Bravo :)xxx

  7. hola andy! la primera vez que comento en el blog. la verdad es que me gustó mucho como combinas la ropa!! te felicito y pasala genial en la semana de la moda! kisses from Argentina…

  8. Stockholm is an amazing shopping place! Copenhagen, is a bit expensive (but not for you ofc), but Stockholm is quite cheap. H&M is everywhere!!!

  9. Great cardigan, I will be so happy when we finally have our river island in antwerp! But I don't like the cycling shorts that much ;) I only wear mine when I'm actually cycling..Maybe that's why I have an aversion from them x

  10. Hello Andy !OMG I really love these photos and this outfit, it's amazing and looks so good on you :)great blog, I follow it everydayAhahha the weather is crazy also here in Switzerland ! It's really cold… it seems like it is Fall :(

  11. I've been on holiday for 2 weeks so I needed to cautch up about your 12 posts today and I must say that I while sunbathing on the beach I wondered sometimes what new outfit you were going to post that day :) I love your look from 31st August the most. You look amazing Andy, just like always :)I hope I didn't make too much mistakes, my english isn't perfectLove,Magda

  12. i would die for cooler weather right now..can't stand this heat any longer!! wanna trade?? :P I'm sooo wearing cycling shorts one of these look great as always :))

  13. Sweet Andy!Seems its already autumn in Amsterdan :)I confess I am already ansious for autumn to start wearing new collections and my favourite clothes!BisuSil❤

  14. Haha! you're not crazy at all, my brother on the other hand is, we live in Hmo, Mx with temperatures up to 40° and sometimes he wears hoodies or sweaters, and yes, he doesn't care about the weather, he's already used to it. Oh! and btw, I looooove your outfit! pretty pretty pretty good!! xoxo

  15. I already saw on twitter you wearing this cardigan! And I felt directly in love with it! It has the perfect color I think! Mustard is the new black for this fall I think!

  16. What a lovely outfit, the jumper is adorable! Have fun and good luck in Stockholm and Copenhagen, I am oh-so jealous! Can you please tell us how you did your DIY cycling shorts? Because if you simply cut it, don't the threads fall apart? Thanks, you're amazing!

  17. Have so much fun.. and as for the weather I m scared to death to be struck by lightning as I'm typing this…. WAAAAAAAaIt's August for Christ's sake!xxx

  18. Denmark is a great place, and Sweden too. I live in Denmark and have visited Copenhagen a few times, I hope you'll enjoy you stay here in Scandinavia. The weather here is also a bit crazy, so don't put the sweater to far away :)//Michelle-Marie

  19. Love your jumper, it's so fun :) Can you tell us where your belt is from. visit my blog de Mallorca

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