If I wasn’t obsessed with long hair and I had the guts to get a hair cut, I would probably follow Abbey Lee’s new hair do, but I am afraid there is no way I will get myself to cut my hair that short, so here is some inspiration for all brave girls out there.

P.S- No, I am not cutting my hair, not that short at least, yes I am a coward :P.


And a BIG thanks to Rodrigo from Piña Planet for the animation/illustration he sent me!

Click on the drawing or HERE so you can see it in motion :D



83 thoughts on “THE HAIR

  1. amazing hair, but I think, that you look so beautifull with your's long hair, don't change this ;)best wishes

  2. Thanks for the hair cut inspiration! I always wait until a day or two before school starts to fix my hair, but this might make me speed up my annual hair cut. Doesn't this remind you of the models in Lagerfeld's french fashion video?

  3. this is a great haircut and abbey lee looks beautiful, but I totally understand you're not cutting your hair. Your hair is a gift of God himself, I'm so jealous about it, so please don't cut it :)kisses,

  4. i used to have belly button-length hair (and i'm 5'9"), but i cut it a little shorter than Abbey's last summer to donate it and it felt amazing in the summer! it's almost back to normal length now. you should do it! it would look great on you! ♥

  5. Andy, be BOLD and cut your hair! Abbey's cut will look great on you. It'll be a nice update. It's only hair, it'll grow back. Yours looks healthy, so if you don't like it it'll be back down to your waist before you know it!

  6. Andy I think you read my mind:D actually this Abby's haircut is my latest inspiration and i want to cut my hair that short, but i'm kinda stressed cuz i love long hair your blog, your such a positive person, keep going! :)

  7. In my opinion u chould try something new! Whit your face shape would be really perfect. U have beautiful hair, but cut them doesn't mean let them ugly!And hair grows, don't worry! Think about it! =D

  8. HAHA! The motin is so cute <3And I'm like you… Obsessed with long hair but I had this Abbey Lee's hair cut one day… But now I love my hair mi-long or just long : )

  9. don't feel to bad.I am also a coward when it comes to my hair.and a beast when people are touching it, haha…lover your blog girl !xo, Shinowa

  10. like short cut sometimes. it's nice and funny to see them or to saldomly try them on a wig. if i were agyness i surely had short hair.BUT women are made to have long hair. i love them i love them long and i never gathered the courage to have them cut!!!long live long hair )

  11. That animation is adorable!! And I totally feel the same way about hair, I envy people who can just say "it's only hair it will grow". A woman's hair is her crowning glory! X

  12. Hi! I'm stylist at (hope you know) and I have a fashion blog too: hhtp:bikinipequeninoasbolinhasamarelas.blogspot.comI had that hair cut for some months and now I'm trying to get my bangs to grow so I can have a totally straight hair. I have a post in my blog about what I think about hair for this season, hope you enjoy reading. I think short is totally the new long and makes everybody look more sophisticated.

  13. I think short hair would look great on you!Pero lo sé, cuando yo me atreví a cortarmelo no paraba de llorar en la peluquería, horror! jaja

  14. She looks amazing with short hair, but I´m a coward too, I know that if I would cut my hair tat short I would regret it

  15. Hmm probably helps that it's been styled, plus she's beautiful and a model…probably anything would look amazing on her! I'm still wondering whether or not to get a full-fringe. I've wanted one for some time and i'm still too chicken to get it done! :)

  16. I love that look too! Ive seen a few awesome short haircuts, but Im like you, I could never cut my hair that short, I like the idea better than actually having the cut! I'll live through others ;)

  17. Speaking of hair, could you give us a piece of advice on how you take care of yours ?Thanks, & thanks for the very good blog :)Margot

  18. These cuts are so cute. Next month a have to cut my hair and this lenght is perfect. Thank's for the inspiraction.Visit my blog de Mallorca

  19. Wow… her hair is so beautiful! I cut my hair earlier this year and I regret it so much now. I can't wait for mines to grow out again… so tired of poofy short hair.

  20. I don't have the guts to chop off my hair too! Wish I could. But I love long hair too much! lol. Abbey's new hairdo is gorgeous and fresh!Xx

  21. wow. she looks amazing!!well, I do not want to give you any advice because your hair is amazing too and I'm sure you'll regret it somehow if you'd cut them off. but actually, trying something new can be really cool too.In winter I had the guts to cut bangs.. I just thought I need something new and I was absolutely surprised – I really loved it!! So what I'm trying to say is that maybe you should cut your hair just because you're curious and young and maybe it would give your look a very special touch…have a nice day, honey!

  22. AHH I LOVE ABBEY. she pulls off that haircut so well ! Ive always wanted to cut my hair short too but i've always been too scared that i'd regret it. hahah. great inspiration though :)

  23. me encanta esta chica!! Siempre llevé el pelo largo y hace más o menos un año me lo corté más corto que las fotos!! Fué un impulso y me arrepentí mucho! jajaja pero aún así, no hay problema, siempre crece :)un beso

  24. This is such a cool post , some of these hair cuts are so cute (:Keep the wicked posts coming

  25. aw her hair is lovely! i always find people with long hair are too scared to get it cut short, and people with shorter hair can never get it to the length they want it ( haha)

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