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Stylein was definitely one of my favorite shows of the week…It was simple, sleek and the colors were beautiful, you could see different shades of grey, black, light green, nothing too out there and that to me is perfection.

My favorite pieces were the cycling shorts, the oversized shirts and the long flawy skirts with the corset tops, I must definitely work on those soon…



98 thoughts on “STYLEIN

  1. so gorgeous.such amazing colours and soft and sleek fabric. you would definately feel a million dollars in any of these pieces.the models are so stunning aswell. x.

  2. I love all projects from this collection! This is brilliant! Amazing photos Andy!greetings from

  3. Oh i love this whole collection! Especially the shoes and the leather jacket on the third picture. Adore it! Hope there's a place in the Netherlands who sells this brand (it doesn't sound familiar to me:()!

  4. these photos are awesome and that lines looks great! i pretty much love every single piece, and the seafoam green colors really stand out! thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow, amaaaaazing collection! Will you be attending the Monki opening party in Amsterdam this thursday? :)xx.

  6. you're right- Stylein wows everyone with its simplicity and colours :)I do like some pieces, but the shoes of this show were the bomb- i love them !! :)

  7. Hi Andy, My name is Michelle and I'm from Brazil. I just met your blog and loved it. I will be very beautiful and stylish saw. Oh put your picture on my blog. If you want to know feel free and if you like leave a comment. Kisses

  8. Que estilo magnifico!! Scandinavians make simple look so good! Y los zapatos, oohla :)I'm so jealous of all the beautiful fashion shows you got to see ;)

  9. This is absolutely beautiful!! Your photos are fanstastic too.I love the pastel green color, especially on that long dress. Also thoes shoes are wonderful! I really like everything here, I totally see why it was one of your favorites.

  10. Wow, this is beautiful, I love everything, especially the leather shorts!! I want I want I want!You plan to do some DIY?? Can't wait to see that!

  11. nice photos andy!!! apart from been an amazing fashion blogger u r an excellent photographer!! xoxo :)

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