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I have always been one of those girls that wanted to see the world, I wanted to explore, I wanted to travel, I wanted to know what else was out there and I am so grateful that I am able to make that dream come true.

I have thousands of places I want to visit but for some reason Zurich has been constantly on my mind lately.
I find that place fascinating, like a fairy tale town, so enchanted and for some strange reason, I am completely intrigued and attracted to it.

I have to make my way there sometime soon, I want to see it with my own eyes, without listening to the stories of what people think of it.

I want to experience it myself, walk its streets and get lost in them, I want to fall in love with it…

And that is what I want to day dream about on a Sunday Afternoon…Zurich


P.S- I need that coat in my life.


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  1. I am from Zurich and yes you should definetely visit it, it is so beautiful especially in the summer! I invite you to come:-)kisses from switzerland(besides I am half dutch and I LOVE Amsterdam… its my dream to live there sometime…

  2. Have you already visited Zurich, since this Post?Btw.: Zurich isn't far from the beautiful Lake of Constance, where I live at the German side of the Lake :)

  3. Why don't you come to Fashionweek in Zürich, the very first!!I'm gona be there to =)

  4. Zurich is beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous, it is definitely a city to visit. There are little cobbled alleyways hidden within the city which are amazing, and then there's the high street – full of so many high fashion stores and starbucks cafes! Just strolling around the main centre, you'll find more than 3 H&Ms! :D Hope you get to see it. I'm glad I've seen Zurich, but you've seen Paris…and I haven't. ;) So we're even. :P

  5. Hey andy! I dont know if u remember me but i met u during paris fashion week outside the dior show…could i ask u for a favor? could u send me an invitation to please! Thank you! Love your style!

  6. eres una de als razones por las que muchas personas, mas latinas creo yo creemos en nuestros sueños, gracias por compartir todo con nosotros! Y estoy segura q vas a visitar Zurich muy pronto!:)besos

  7. I hope your dreams wil come true.Enjoy Zurich as much as you can't and post lots of pictures so we can imagine waht it looks like (although I would love to go there myself) I would also love to have that coat in my life :)-The Trendy Fashionista

  8. I've never been to Zurich too, and I'm also curious what's it like. I hope you soon find some time to go there, so you can tell us about it and ofcourse I hope for myself I can go there..have a nice sunday evening!xx

  9. my brother stayed in zurich for one weekend and he said that it's a wonderful city but also VERY expensive. You should take a lot of money with when you go there. ;D

  10. hey andyi was so pleased to hear you want to come to zurich. i live in that beautiful city and it's just amazing. there's the lake and right behind you can admire the mountains. i just love zurich. on the fashion side you will love it too, there are many stylish people on our streets=) if you need tips for going out or shops and nice places just let me know.oh by the way, you should do a little meetup when you come here=)i love your blog. you're the best=)fabi

  11. hi andy :) i'm not from zurich, but also live in switzerland. our country is small, but you can do lots of things here. i hope you can go to zurich asap :)by the way: today, 2010/08/01 is our national holiday :)the night will bring many fireworks, good food, some drinks and a lot of fun. wish you all the best, i love your blog so much!

  12. I was in Horgen a couple of weeks ago, which is practically right nex to Zurich! That lake is the most fantastic thing I've ever seen!

  13. you'll love Zurich! it's so beautiful.Also, the whole style of the shoot is so you!Dree xxstyle-on-sea.blogspot.comps: am dying for a camel coat as well :D

  14. tiene pinta de tener un corte perfecto;)___________________________________________

  15. . Dear Andy.. I'm from Switzerland & Zurich is really fantastic! I <3 this city. I am very pleased that you want to come to Zurich, because your blog is one of my favorites, really! . There is much to discover, believe me. If you need some tips and insiders, write to me. I'll give you informations.. love,rina.

  16. I used to live in Zurich, so I would love to hear about how you see it and feel about it! Looking forward to participate in your journey(s)!

  17. wow. i have never been to zurich yet but i think it's amazing city too.good luck then! hope your dreams come true :)

  18. Hope you'll visit Zurich, it's s beautiful city, I'm gonna study there in fall.. And let me know, before you leave for a trip to Zurich;) Oh an by the way, Copenhagen is great too, my mom's from there. Hope you'll enjoy it! I was there last week:)Kisses from

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