A lot of you have asked me on twitter and FACEBOOK to write down a playlist with my favorite songs. If I did that, I would probably write an endless post so instead I decided to choose the list below.

These songs definitely have been the soundtrack of my summer and every single one of them marks a special moment of this unforgettable past 3 months.

P.S- You can click on the image to hear the song.



75 thoughts on “MY SUMMER’S SOUNDTRACK

  1. hola andy! yo tengo una BB y un iphone y sin duda me quedo con el iphone. es como comparar una pizza a una manzana… antes tenia el BB para poder hablar con mis padres con el BBmsn (vivo en italia y ellos en españa) pero ahora con el Whatsapp se puede hablar de iphone a BB asi que ya ni la miro… sin duda el iphone es el smartphone más completo, divertido y útil del mercado. no te lo pienses.

  2. SO agreed on lykke li, there's a version of little bit with drake on which is great too :) and a friendly fires cover of im good im gone x

  3. The strokes rock, that's one of my favourites as well. But I think I saw you yesterday in Monki, wanted to approach you but didn't knew for sure.. Haha, I am such a coward ;) Anyways, I love your style!XOXO Iris

  4. I don't know if you like hip-hop or not, but I DIED when I heard this song(but that's 'cause I lovee rap/hiphop:D )!! it's my new fave: "Like a G6" by FM.You might wanna check it out, since you shared songs with us, I just thought I could share one with you. :)lotta love,

  5. Lykke Li and Sia are so great! And I really am in love with all your blazers. They are my favorite part of an outfit, that's why I cry when it's summer in LA and it's too hot. :)xoxo

  6. great songs, I love SIA "breath me" and "clap your hands" and Rihanna of course!greetings from

  7. Andy quick question: You always manage to have a flawless makeup either that or you have the most perfect face on earth! :) What's your facial routine if you don't mind sharing? <3 Cati

  8. The Strokes powa! También me gustan Shout Out Louds, tienes que escuchar "Very Loud". Se te ve mas animada, eso es buena señal :) Que tengas un buen lunesxx

  9. i loveee sia and brandon flowers is my favourite artist; the killers-fave band ever. Ahh i just adore him and now i adore you more :)

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