Ring: YSL

Gina Tricot blouse / American apparel tank

Boots: H&M

Necklace: MyNameNecklace
My beloved Bag: ASOS.com

I look out the window today and It seems like Autumn is rushing its way back…

I dont mind the Fall, I actually enjoy the changes of seasons and remember when I used to live in Montreal and every fall, the trees would start to change color, they would turn red, orange and yellow and the whole mountain of Mont-Royal would look like the most beautiful postcard.

As my life changes at a fast pace, I find myself thinking of all the experiences I have been through for the past 8 years.
I’ve lived in 3 different countries, met so many incredible people, traveled a whole lot and things just keep getting better…

I wonder where will I be in a year and most importantly, what will I be doing…

Thanks for all the support guys! I hope to stick around here for a very long time :D



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  1. Love your new header, Andy! A few weeks ago I was talking about your old header and that I think it doesn't match your style. The new header reflects you perfectly. It has style and is beautiful. Love it!xoxo Sandrahttp://glamirrorous.com

  2. OMG, I had no idea you lived in Montreal. So cool, I am from Montreal and have been following your blog for a while. It is really good and you have great style. Did Montreal affect your style in some way?

  3. HYPED! i absolutely love your outfit andy! hope you'll still be bloggin' after a year and the year after next and then another year after.. or should i say forever? :) xxyougotsomestyle.blogspot.com

  4. It´s so scarry how fast autumm camed, for exampel last week I could wear shorts without even thinking it was chilli and now I would die if I wore that

  5. Love your blog andy! You look great in the pics(:Do you have some tips how to be successful like you?Hope you answer my question(:Lots of love from singapore,Maisara

  6. I absolutely love your outfit! The color of your skirt and the color of your t-shirt go so well together. Your bag is sooo gorgeous, it kinda reminds me of the Proenza Schouler PS1. I can't wait for fall, I'm hoping to buy some really nice clothes from the Fall 10 collections.I will definitely stick around, I love really your blog. :)Davidhttp://virtuallystunning.blogspot.com/

  7. This is a great post – I adore your outfit! Don't know if you've ever done an "about me" post that I've missed, but I was wondering what brought you to Amsterdam from Montreal/Mexico? Are you studying there? xohttp://lamouretlapaix.blogspot.com/

  8. Girl you used to live in Montreal?! No way, that is like my favourite city on earth.. I'm from Alberta!!You look amazing, as usual. Can't believe those boots are from H&M, they're gorgeous. Why do you just have such perfect style?thatgirlwithgoodclothes.blogspot.comxox, S

  9. Do you think you could change the number of posts you show on one page? It takes forever to load with the amount of photos you put up… maybe just three posts on one page?Love the colourx

  10. great outfit and most importantly great inspiration: i mean, i love the fact that you lived in three different coutries…i hope i will do the same by your age, you really are an important inspiration and not only for fashion ;)ps: i really like the boots, may i ask you if they're comfortable? 'cause i wanted to buy them but i didn't get the chance to try them on!

  11. Oh andy you have done such amazing things. I always visit your old entries from years prior years (when a ton of people didn't really comment).Good Luck in all your aspiration but I hope you never stop blogging! (:xo

  12. I love your blog :D I always read it and is so inspirational for me! you rock Andy.. p.s: I like your style and H&M is great, awesome clothing items which are affordable.

  13. hey Andy! it's great to read you writing about your time in Montreal! I was born and raised there, and just like you I am living in Amsterdam now. I've also had the chance to live in 3 countries but in a much smaller time gap (4 years!). Le Mont-Royal est tout a fait splendide durant l'automne! (Did you get to learn from french while there?)The asos bag is nice!;)Catitahttp://catindreamland.blogspot.com

  14. i love this look, simple but chic! those boots and that handbag are amazing, i am really loving brown boots and bags lately! it's great that you have experienced so much and got the opportunities to travel and meet so many people, i hope to have the chance to do that someday. congrats on the success of your blog, i just recently started to follow it but i'm already in love with it! keep it up! :)

  15. Congrats, Andy!!You've got already some stars…you are doing a great job and your positive view of life is helping!!Keep it in the same way!!Visit my blog, would appreciate you opinion!!xoxo crossingredlines

  16. Ah, don't we all wish we were psychic and could take a peek into the future? Then again, I don't think it would be any fun if we already knew the outcome…good luck with your future endeavors! xowww.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  17. I'm a big fan of the skirt! and even more when associated to camel boots and satchel. Perfect for the end of summer :) great transition to autumn.xoxo

  18. que bonito conjunto!No sabía que habias vivido en otros paises, ojala algun dia nos cuentes tu vida desde que empezo hasta hoy, tus viajes y tus experiencias. Podrias escribir un libro! jaja1 besito Andy! :D

  19. Great style you have! :)For that reason I would post about your inspiring style at my fashion blog:www.wardrobefullofdreams.blogspot.comHope you don´t mind!

  20. Sabes veo tu felicidad y me pregunto komo konsigues lo ke kieres ,,, ver ke lokonsigues me fasina eres la mejor,,,,, y del clima ke bien ke aya ya casi sea otoño y ke no haga tanto kalor komo aka en mexico ke apenas vamos saliendo de lo kele llaman canicula y el calor pinta para kedarse como siempre hast amediados de octubre :( io keiro blazer yaaaaaa jiji felicidades por tu exitoo y sigue soñando asi te veremos llegar mas alto hermosa….. XOXO

  21. Seriously, I think you are an amazing fashion blogger! You are such an inspiration, not just fashion related, but for everything you do. And even more now that I found out that you lived in Montreal (I lived there too and it never left my heart!). Keep doin what you doin Andy! You're great!

  22. Seriously, you are the most amazing fashion blogger! You are such an inspiration, not just fashion related but for everything you do. And even more now that I found out that you lived in Montreal (I lived there too and it never left my heart)! Keep doin what you doin Andy!

  23. wow! your live is very funny, you have lived in 3 differents places, is a great thing!i really like your bag, amazing!kisses Andy!

  24. It's definitely not only your beautiful outfits that keep everybody so interested in your blog, more over it's your personality,always love to read what's on your mind. Can only hope that you'll stick around for a long time! :)your reader from Latvia :)

  25. in a years time i see you blogging from a chic little apartment in paris :) love your blog, the travelling you've done and things you have achieved r so inspiring. loved your video interview in your last post, i can see you're hard working and that nothing was just handed to you. in a years time i see myself still checking your blog daily :) xo

  26. Your outfit is as always amazing!!! I wish you the best for all the years to come and I hope your dreams will come true.Best wishesP.S.: I also love how tree leaves change their color.-The Trendy Fashionistahttp://thetrendyfashionista.blogspot.com

  27. I love every piece of this outfit!!! Great shoes and bag. And that YSL ring is awesome!! Like, like, like it all!!!! And lovely smile :)EJVIhttp://ejvifreedom.blogspot.com/

  28. I love Autumn! It's my favorite season! And for fashion too! We can try so many things that in Summer time!Love this outfit! And hope you'll be here for a long time too*Because you are an inspiration…Silhttp://myfashionscript.blogspot.com

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