Double A definitely equals double trouble.

Look who I bumped into today… He is not only gorgeous but he is sweet and so much fun… We hanged out, took millions of pics together and promised to make a duet, so stay tuned, you might see me and Andreas singing together on YOUTUBE one of these days! :P


Draped skirt: DIY
Top: American Apparel


87 thoughts on “DOUBLE A

  1. Nooooo!!!Que envidia Andy, él es simplemente hermoso haha, sería increíble escuchar un dueto contigo y Andreas.Y tu top, just blow my mind.Xoxo!!

  2. omg so cool!he is so good!I saw your post where you showed music of him and you wrote thsat you wanted to emet him!when i saw that post i knew you gonna meet him!and it happend!:Px amber

  3. Nice outfit.But you look out of place in scandanavian countries, your style is too "H&M european" if that even makes sense. Having you stand next to andreas is quite a contrast, your style is the typical – it's not quirky and original like the scandinavians.look at http://www.theshowmanship.comthat's style! original! Not just clothes bought from H&M, Zara, American Apparel etc. Yeah, you have some D.I.Y stuff and yes, it looks good. You look fab! However, it gets boring seeing the same kind of layers (skirt and drapey top with the same kind of boots [just in various colours].) Although it is regularly updated (your wardrobe) there's something very wannabe about it. Bohemian is much more interesting than clothes just released this season off the rail from commerical shops like H&M.Just my opinion :)

  4. very fun pics! seemed like a great timeand I can't wait for your duet hahayou lookd very nice btwloves,The Style

  5. wow gorgeous double A !Andreas have a great voice, and he's so hot. i like his style soo much.i love your top it's soo adorable andy… great photos! <3Hello, from Indonesia

  6. te ves hermosaaa!!! me enknta la falda y la blusa!!! oooh y andreas es tan guapo:D parece q se estan diviertiendo mucho! me alegrooo disfrutaaa al maximo!muchos besos!

  7. hahahaha finally honey !he looks gorgeous and you guys fit together. how's stockholm?I did not make it to copenhagen, to bad we missed each other.kiiiiissare you coming to paris in october?

  8. I've been waiting for you to post! I love your DIY skirt! Very cute! And my my hes so handsome! :)

  9. kl…i never new he sang..well i did but i never listened to him. He is a great singer. Btw i love your mini ruffle jacket..sweet!! :)

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