1. Love your black and white outfit! It works everytime! ;-)Hope you´re having a wonderful time in Stockholm too! ;-DHugs fromA Shopaholic is loose… ;0)http://ashopaholicisloose.blogspot.com"Drop by anytime…" ;-)

  2. I love your top and shoes!I'm going to Kopenhagen next week, so share some great places soon ;)Xhttp://rendez-fou.blogspot.comHTTP://RENDEZ-FOU.BLOGSPOT.COM

  3. So nice to meet you in Copenhagen. Hope you'll have a wonderful in time this week, I'm so envious but unfortunately my economy prevented me from going to Stockholm as well. You should visit Riche for a drink or dinner while in Stockholm, nice atmosphere, nice clientèle. And Acne archives.- Maren

  4. Love your outfit. The combination of the black, white and leather is really good (love the top). And the shoes……xx.lescheveuxblondes.blogspot.com

  5. Woooow how awesome is that?! You're in Copenhagen! Well you look great as always! Hope you're having so much fun! Take care chica! :)

  6. Dear AndyI'm so honored to be on your blog, you were so sweet and stylish! Hope you enjoyed the last of your stay in Copenhagen even though it rained alot! Have a nice time in Stockholm:) Best regardsSimone/fashionmanifest

  7. Andy you look stunning in your leather pants and bold top. Looks like there's lots of things to do at CFW. Thanks for sharing the pics! Wish I could be there checking out the fashion and to meet you. xo. -Bella Qhttp://www.thecitizenrosebud.com

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