89 thoughts on “BLOGGERS IN SWEDEN

  1. You have an incredible sense of style, not talking about clothes but what you let appear when you dress. Was desperatly searching for some inspiration for my brand new appartment tonight and you gave me what i was searching for, thx a lot!Form paris with love, Susanna

  2. que bonitaaaaaa la primera foto !!!me gustan todassssssss !!!espero para ti muchissima suerte guappa ……♥http://ilovetheshoppingonline.blogspot.com/

  3. It so cool to see you with all of those other bloggers, and I can´t wait to see all the pictures from stockolm fashion week!!

  4. these pics are amazing andy! looks like you guys had such a great time!! can't wait to see all your images of the shows…love swedish designers :-)xowww.fashionhedonism.com

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