I was googling galaxy and nebula’s photos for my MAC & twitter wallpapers and it suddenly made me feel like making fun galaxy pics with previous outfits ( I know, totally random but good fun in a rainy Saturday afternoon).

By the way, I just watched The Karate Kid movie with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan and I LOVED it!!!!! I got so into it, even made me feel like learning some Kung Fu moves, oh and traveling to China’s stunning countryside, I am NOT KIDDING! :P

Its Saturday night!!!! Have fun and be safe ;)



78 thoughts on “A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY

  1. I think the shots are beautiful :) ! Haven't watched karate kid yet, think i should do it one of these days :) !www.fashion-freaks.be

  2. Wow! I love the editing here! You're so talented and you have a great eye! :) I love your blog at first site so I'm def following. ;) You're a great blogger and you have a great eye!Love,Erin :)

  3. me encanta tu blog! y sobre todo tu estilo tan único.. eres una gran inspiración.. estoy estudiando diseño de modas en Monterrey y apenas acabo de hacer mi blog para estar al pendiente de este mundo :) saludos! :D

  4. These galaxy shots are Fantastic! I love your style sooooo much, you don't even know! hah and yes Karate Kid was great, although some parts made me cry!

  5. Oh my Freaking Gosh, I felt the same when i saw that movie! So inspirational! I also love the Galaxyness of your photos! (:www.floralchildren.blogspot.com

  6. How do you do these? They are uh-mazing!!Just showed my friend your blog and she loved it too!Check out my blog:thenothingspecialbynoelledowning.blogspot.com

  7. I love the effect you've done on the photos!I saw Karate Kid last week and was surprised I really liked it :)www.simplyspence.blogspot.comx

  8. Super leuk! Je leest het vast niet, maar welke camera gebruik jij? Ik ben al lang op zoek naar een goede en aangezien jij altijd supermooie foto's heb! Thanks!

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