One of the worlds biggest truths is that there is nothing more comforting that some retail therapy, at least for me, so I decided to treat myself with what I think its one of Autumns Must-Have items; THE CAMEL COAT.

I am completely and utterly in love with it and I cant wait to show you my outfit pics with it tomorrow….

Where did I buy it??? of course.

In other news, tomorrow is the 5th anniversary party of the Dutch GLAMOUR magazine and me and few of my blogger friends have been invited.

What am I going to wear? I have no freakin’ clue, I never shop for occasions like this, stupid I know but I don’t seem to learn.

They will unveil their biggest issue with over 500 pages and they sent me an exclusive preview of few of the pages…I don’t know about you, but I need those sequin pants in my life, asap ;)

And last but not least, my reader Kamilla made this small video inspired in my “Memories of summer” post… I have to say I was so touched when I saw it and I wanted to thank her and you guys SO MUCH for all the support, for being there even if its through an email or a comment, for coming back every day and never backing down on me…you make me feel so special.



A lot of you have asked me on twitter and FACEBOOK to write down a playlist with my favorite songs. If I did that, I would probably write an endless post so instead I decided to choose the list below.

These songs definitely have been the soundtrack of my summer and every single one of them marks a special moment of this unforgettable past 3 months.

P.S- You can click on the image to hear the song.




All jewelry from

This is my new song obsession and I am using part of its lyrics to lift me up.

Turn the lights on my nights this is life
And we only get once chance

Come on dance, take a chance on romance
We only get one shot at love



I am still in bed, I haven’t left it for almost 30 hours now, I wish I could hide here for a while, but I cant. Its just one of those days where everything seems to go wrong and you cant do anything to stop it or change it.

I stared at my screen for almost 3 hours tearing up, listening to music that was probably making everything worse, flipping through pictures of this summer when I suddenly realized there are so many things I have to be grateful for, yes, I am going through something difficult right now and It will probably take some time to heal, but at the end of the day, I can only look forward.

This summer has to be one of the most amazing, exciting and happy summers I have ever had.
I am so blessed with the amazing people in my life, all the new friends I have made, which I am sure will remain in my life forever(hopefully).

Everything I have seen, everything I have experience, all the opportunities that seem to be rushing towards me lately, it all seems like a dream, but its real, its my life now and I am so grateful for it.
I can only thank every single one of you for being a part of this, for reading my blog every morning, for always supporting me and caring.

This summer has taught me so many things about life, love, friendship and fashion and although I am sad its over, I will not let this stop me, I will carry on strong and I will make my dreams come true, just like I always said I would…