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  1. That jacket is one of your favorites, non? I love it paired with that simple black dress- the jacket is statement enough. Very chic, very 'floaty'…i love it. :)http://fashionregardless.blogspot.com/

  2. Hey Andy!!I normally do not comment here but i just want to say Kudos to your latest interview! Ive enjoyed reading every single word written on that website & iam glad you did this interview. You have definitely opened a small door & welcomed your readers into a small part of your life! Un beso from Malaysia!xxAmanda

  3. I love your blog so so so so so much!!!and maybe I´m too silly but I didn´t know that you are mexican…lol!!I´m from Mexico too!! :)a Fashion Illustratiorcheck out my work pls :)xoxoaGdame

  4. Hi your blog looks so gorgeous and you too…love your blog…hope you like my blog too…http://vinothcraig.blogspot.comthank u

  5. I love your maxi dress! It makes you look so gorgeous. And how you matched it with one of my favorite jackets you have. I'm sure August and September will be great months for you. Enjoy them as much as you can.Follow all your dreams.Best Wishes-The Trendy Fashionistahttp://thetrendyfashionista.blogspot.com

  6. This jacket is now an icon!Thanks a lot for make this blog, is a continuous inspo for me!Besos desde España morena! ;)LA

  7. Hey, Andy! My name's Joana, I'm 22 and I'm from Portugal. It's the first time I leave a comment but I follow your blog since months ago. You're an inspiration for me cause I love all your looks and most of your things are totally affordable! I also love to see the kind of outfits with all designer and expensive items, but lets be honest, they aren't reachable for the most of us girls. You can keep stunning looks with nice and not expensive clothes and I truly admire you for that =)Kisses, keep up with the good styling

  8. Lovely jacket, is it not really hot in Amsterdam? It's boiling in copenhagen, too hot to wear long dresses, I wish it was a bit cooler!INTOTHEFOLDFASHION.BLOGSPOT.COM

  9. I love this outfit!!!! So gorgeous! I was just curious how you upload your pictures so large??? I have been playing around with my blog trying to get the pictures larger and I can't seem to figure it out? Any help would be so appreciated! Thanks! Also I'm your new follower! Come check out a pair of high waisted silk trousers from my own collection!Carissahttp://copiouscouture.blogspot.com

  10. Hey Andy !I'm your big fan from Mexico ! and I read that You too come from Mexico bot Living in Amsterdam, and it is my question : Do you with your family in Amsterdam or alone, your family stay in Mexico? Do you have citizenship of the union that lives in Amsterdam, is it only temporary and you intend to return to Mexico??Please Answer – your fan from Mexico :) sorry for my english!

  11. that jacket! the one you made. i can't forget it.. you're so good && creative! lovely outfit, btw.xxyougotsomestyleblogspot.com

  12. I have a special love for your jacket. You look really lovely in this outfit. And the sushi looks delicious, I love it! What's the name of the place? Need a good sushi restaurant for my birthday next week!

  13. EPIC outfit! so classy and laid-back! i'm excited for you. congrats on your huge fashion success. : )http://acaliforniadreamer.blogspot.com/

  14. Im loving the funky denim jacket,its got such a cool military-esque feel to it :D oh and gorgoeus wedges :DStopAndStareStyle – I'd soo love it if you could come over to my fashion/style blog too and take a look.I love hearing people's feedback on my blog & having new readers,so please comment & follow :D It would be much MUCH appreciated :D

  15. la chaqueta es impresionante!besos:_____________________________________________________________http://buscandoenmiarmario.blogspot.com/

  16. WOW beauiful outfit! And I love the DIY that you made! And I'm quite curious about the things will happen in August and September! Can't you give us some hints;)!

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