Staying positive (or at least trying to) is one of my most important life motto’s.

I know it sounds cheesy, maybe even too hopeful but I am completely convinced that all good things in my life have happened because I’ve attracted them, so keep that in mind and start doing the same!

Life is beautiful and sometimes too short to bother with negative attitudes and thoughts!
Live, laugh and most importantly, LOVE! which is the most positive and powerful feeling you can ever have…

Edit: A lot of you have asked me about my hair color, truth is, this is my natural hair, I have never dyed it before, but my hair always looks a different color depending on the light, time of the day and season, I know, its weird but that means I can have slightly different shades without any need of hair dye :P…that is the truth about my hair, haha.


Denim shirt: ZARA
cycling shorts: DIY
Shoes: ZARA
Back pack: Storets


139 thoughts on “TODAY’S OUTFIT

  1. I totally agree with you Andy.! everthing that happens to you it's because you atraccted :) KEPP with that way of thinking & gratest things will happen to you :D

  2. Your text is really inspirational and I'm so happy for you, for all the good things that already have come on your path. I hope a lot of good things will follow!kisses,

  3. LOVE everything about this andy; your shoes are perfect, love the denim and your tee, and you made the cycling shorts yourself?? so cute<3btw, I am in awe of your shades, where did you get them??? :Dxoxo

  4. OMG! I LOOOOVE this post's outfit, I LOVE how you combined the tee with the shorts and the heels…amazing!! And I ADORE your hairdo…in so little time you've become an inspiration for me! Congrats! I really adore your blog! Please pretty please take a look around mine, I've just turned it into a fashion/misc blog…XOXOPS: I'm from Peru,spanish is my native tongue but I wanted to practice my english XD

  5. Andy. Your life motivation is the furthest thing from cheesy. Everything in my life good and bad has been because of my thoughts. I strongly believe that thoughts become things too. Without it I wouldn't be nearly as wealthy mentally and physically. I'm no millionaire but I feel like one thanks to The Secret. Thanks for being a great fashion inspiration but also an amazing spiritual inspiration.

  6. i love what you did with your hair, so cute. and those sunglasses are great. i have a pair that looks just like them :)

  7. aww that's such a good way to live your life andy. you do deserve everything you get too!and i really need to get my hands on some cyclng shorts. i love yours!

  8. Hi! I would love to if you do a post about workout outfits or workout stylish!!! Sometimes is hard to look pretty at the gym :SxoxoMarce

  9. You know what I just tought about that you should open a formspring so that whe can ask you question :D that would be really awesome :)

  10. love your hair, and how you are wearing the cycling shorts, love how you always add a refreshing spin to your styling one way or another :)xoxox ari

  11. … and that's the truth about my hair too! :o)) I've never done anything to them, but they change colour according to season! You look lovely as always! xoxo

  12. You always look so good what ever you put on, and those sunglasses are totally

  13. I agree with you, we should start by being positive if we want positive things to happen to us :Dxxx

  14. You have a wonderful message and you are such a beautiful girl. Inside and out! I hope to meet you someday in Europe, if I ever make it there (hopefully soon!) It is my dream :)

  15. You're completely right… Love is all ; ) I've the same hair color than yours and now, for summer, the end of it became blond o_O. It always a different color but it's funny! Love your outfit! As always : )

  16. Hi Andy (; I must say that I looove your outfit today! It doesnt matter what you are wearing – it is always enviable!! I also have a new (danish) blog that you can visit if you want to:aliceheide.blogspot.comKeep on rockin'!

  17. love the photos andy :D& about your hair, that happens to me it looks brown, and light brown but most of the time it look redish brown , and ive never dyed it before :)and i love your inspiring wordsand yes love:)

  18. This blog is my happiness place at the moment, you're always so positive! Love the outfit, too, the shoes are my favorites I think, really really gorgeous. And i'll never say 'no' to a baggy T, so it's a winner for me! :)

  19. Hi Andy! How are you?You're so cute with that hair cut! and I soooo jealous this is your natural color! I dyed my hair for the last 12 years (no, I'm not that old, I just started early, really early :) cause I don't like its color, but I took advantage of it to try a lot of different styles and colors :)Oh, and I forgot to mention that the shoes… OMG, the shoes are amazing!Have an amazing day in Amsterdam!

  20. muy bien dicho Andy!!!esas sandalias me encantan, no las encontré por ningún lado y me quedé sin ellas…que se le va a hacer……..besazos——————————————

  21. Great outfit =) You look absolutely amazing!Did you do something to your hair? The color is lovely!<3Marine / Another fucking fashionista

  22. I love how you teamed the baggy tee with cycling shorts. The sunglasses are perfect! and I love the light of the morning :)INTOTHEFOLDFASHION.BLOGSPOT.COM

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