I woke up to a grey and very wet saturday morning, I guess I was just getting used to those sunny and warm mornings we’ve been having for the past few weeks and it made me realize that its not long until fall and winter are back.

I think its one of the hardest things I’ve had to get used to (second to missing my family like crazy), but since I moved to Europe from sunny Mexico, the cold grey days have been the biggest shock to my system.

Trying to look at the bright side of things, aren’t fall and winter clothes amazing? Yeah, I think so…

Plans for today, I still don’t know, I want to try to get to the gym at some point and then we’ll see…
By the way, I went to the movies last night and watched Knight and day with Tom C and Cameron Diaz.
The movie itself is quite predictable and “lame” but boy was it good to see Tom Cruise in Action again? YEAH! So even if I do not recommend the story at all, if you are, were or have been in love with Tom cruise at some point in your life, I say you MUST WATCH IT ASAP! :P


Name necklace:


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  1. Just wondering if you are off wearing multiple watches? I liked the look when you were sporting 3 at one point – I tried showing this to my GF but when she would go to your page you were either wearing just 1 or none at all. I think it is a cool way to show off your creativity. Everyone I have met who wears more than one watch is into some creative field – be it art, music, pottery, photography, fashion. It certainly fits you too!

    If your travels ever include Northeast USA – Maine – I’d welcome the chance to meet.

    Best wishes – Mike in Maine

  2. This is a fantastic outfit. Love the simple color mix. I admire your style, Andy!!!That's why I wonder a little bit about your blog header. It doesn't look like you at all. Don't get me wrong, but it looks a little bit trashy. I know you have a great taste and you (probably) have thousands of visits a day, I think you could take your blog to the next, more professional level. Just a thought of mine. xoxo Sandra

  3. i love your hairband :) i've been looking for something like this for a very long time.and by the way, i share your opinion about this film!

  4. I hate Tom Cruise! He just lost every single last bit of charme when becoming one of the biggest Scientologists in this world!! :(your outfit is cute though :)

  5. i have to admit i hate tom cruise..don´t even know why.but i love oyour outfit- especially the heels and the bag! :(

  6. i DIE for that zara bag i remember my supervisor in my internship walked in with it i craved i went allllll around nyc to EVERY SINGLE zara and it was sold out :( im jealous lollove ur outfit as always

  7. great,I love your blog!just discovered it threw mau-fashion.comhe's a german blogger and linked you!your outfits look adorable!big kiss xxx

  8. Ohh I just read ur twitter for the first time and I'm stuck!!! It's like getting to know u a little bit better.. more about ur daily life! But I would love to see some of ur work (styling)? I mean the things u have done in NL since u moved there, I guess the blog is not the one job u have had there? xx

  9. Great v-dress and lovely combination with the white blazer and all. saw the movie a week ago, didn't expected much of it, cuz I wasn't convinced after seeing the trailer. But still found it very funny and exited! xoxo

  10. I just saw you in my fav magazine – Life & Style :-DI screamed to my boyfriend: loooook this is the girl from style scrapbook, I read her blog!!! haha so cool that you are in the magazine woooowvisit my

  11. I was wondering … I'm pretty tall (5,11). You're pretty tall too, right? How do you feel wearing heels? Because I looove high heels but I do not have the confidence to wear them :'/

  12. que pasada de look.. he visto el detalle del cinturon que has puesto debajo del pecho, yo tengo un vestido parecido pero mas gordito porque es de invierno y la verdad que me has dado una buena idea para ponerselo :)

  13. you are so pretty!!! everything in you is so perfect! i'm always looking forward to your posts. you amaze me all the time. :)

  14. well, who loves coming autumn and winter (I don't :) ). I was wondering is this movie with Tom and Cameron worth going and if you say that it isn't bad maybe I'll go today. :)like your dress.have a nice day, Andy. :)

  15. This is one of my favourite looks , for sure!I love everything…the blazer,the dress,the shoes,the headband:) You look great! And about the weather… in my country,Romania, this summer was not a usual summer…it rained a lot(very very much) and when it didn't rain there were like 30-35*C. I find perfect those sunny & ot very hot days and i kinda miss them. :)P.S. Where did you bought the blazer from? :DHave a lovely&sunny day!Hugs, Ioana

  16. Love your outfits!I was wondering if anyone knows why Andy moved from Mexico to Amsterdam? just curious :-) I just discovered your blog recently

  17. I love your white blazer. You look stunning. And I also think that fall and winter cvlothes are amazing. I love them.Have a great weekend-The Trendy Fashionista

  18. your headband is fantastic! I always love the headband u use!I wanna ask you, that one in black you wore when Chiaras went to Amsterdam… where is it from? because I'm manly looking for it!xx

  19. tengo esa felpa!!! es preciosa!;)________________________________________

  20. Oh, lovely! Amazing as always Andy! But, how much does the name necklace cost? I would buy it but before I want know how much is it… Thank you :)Oh and… This is the first outfit with these shoes that I like! Your past outfits with these heels were boring, but this is cooler! I like it so much! And, of course, this blazer from Queen's wardrobe it's amazing!I hope you'll understand what I'm writing..I'm italian and I'm 14 years old so my english is not very very good, I hope I'll learn it better :D I love your blog, you're the best blogger in the world, trust me :) xoxoAlice

  21. lol I agree with ya. I moved from Mexico to the uk a few years ago and it's a bit weird not having the sun out all summer, but gotten used to it now and kinda lovin it lol. Plus side, wearing more jackets on a cloudy day :)

  22. I went last week… same opinion =) but I do recommend Inception, I love the movie: from story, to production, fashion and overall still images you can capture. It's beautiful and one of the best movies I've seen lately.Love you headband… you should como to Portugal, sunny at 8am in the summer, we're now with 35ºC/ 95ºF sU

  23. Si estuvieras en España no tendrías ese problema! En Barcelona hace bueno casi todo el año ;)De todas maneras, un poco de entretiempo no esta mal de vez en cuando, porque con demasiado calor solo piensas en ir con cuanta menos ropa mejor y a veces los complementos como chaquetas o fulares quedan mucho mejor que ir enseñando todo!! jejejexoxo Mery

  24. andy me encantó tu collar!! No dejes de usar el otro también :)Por cierto, horribles efectos de la pelicula, pero inegable que es super entretenida aajajaten lindo día!

  25. You always look so… confident, it's great. I love your style, it's really basic and still young and fresh. You get it. ;)

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