I’ve got exciting news!!!

Copenhagen Fashion Week (August 11th-15th) is organizing “The Worlds Greatest Catwalk”. It will be the longest runway ever with 1609 meters of red carpet and the show will be broadcasted all over the world and live on the Internet, HOW COOL IS THAT????

12 girls from all over Europe will get the opportunity to be a part of the 250 professional models at The Worlds Greatest Catwalk and not only that, but supermodel Helena Christensen will be the protector.

The Copenhagen Fashion Council will find a winner from each country which will be representing her country on the catwalk.

The countries are Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark.

If you are the chosen one to represent your country, you will get to bring a friend to Copenhagen Fashion Week for 2 days. Included are flight, hotel and the final fashion party.

To get this chance you need to upload a photo and info on the Facebook group “Copenhagen Fashion Council” and the event “The Worlds Greatest Catwalk”. Read more about the requirements HERE.

DO not miss this chance and sign up NOW!

For more details click HERE.

See you there!!!



  1. I'm actually from Denmark! And I live in Copenhagen! I follow your blog everyday, now you know there's some danes on your blog too. If you're going to Denmark we might see.. Keep up the good bloggin'

  2. aww. i wish i lived in europe. particularly one of the countries listed there. alas, 3rd world philippines is right where God put

  3. sooo cool! will you try to be a part of it? :-) unfortunatelly i dont't have model measure…

  4. wow, that's cool.. btw, i have given you an award on my blog.. please do visit it to check your award.. thanks and have a nice day..your blog is an inspirational blog

  5. damn, i'm going to stockholm and copenhagen this summer and the 11th i'm already in stockholm:( not that that's so bad, but yeah, it would be nice so see all those models there:P

  6. andyy ,i saw you today in the kalverstraat !wouw , i loveeed your necklace! wow i'm so happy i saw you in real life, haha xxx

  7. Tiene que ser una pasada! que pena que no sea tan alta para ser modelo..solo me qeda esperar a las fotos! suerte a todo el mundo! muaaaC!

  8. Wauw, one hell of an opportunity! Too bad I don't have a model-figure.. but I can't wait to see the show on the internet! I think it will be great.loves,

  9. Im going to be in Danmark for the whole summer, If I were 18, I would enter this. But im DEFINITELY going to go to the show :)INTOTHEFOLDFASHION.BLOGSPOT.COM

  10. ANDYYYYYYY WIN FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 NesquikOh no you're Mexican =(Can you join the contest, for the netherlands???????

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