Hmmm, I dont know but I will tell you something, its one of the coolest garments you will see in my closet in the near future so wait for the reveal! :D

The sun is shining, it will probably get up to 32 degrees again, so I am thinking, bikini and coconut tanning lotion for the day and PARTY at night!…

What are your plans for today?


Ummmm, no se pero algo si les digo, estoy segura que es una de mis adquisiciones mas cool en las ultimas semanas,así que esperen fotos con la revelación :D.

El sol esta a todo lo que da y probablemente vamos a llegar a los 32 grados otra vez así que mi idea para el día de hoy es un bikini y loción para broncear de coco y en la noche, PARTY!…

Cuales son sus planes este Sábado?


94 thoughts on “¿QUE SERA?

  1. Yes yes it is definitely the Celine biker jacket I recognized it immediately! Caroline Blomst has got the same one. Love it Andy.AstridPoise & Voguehttp://poiseandvogue.blogspot.com

  2. parece una chaqueta no?pues mi sabado fue una noche de fiesta ibicenca en una casa al lado de la playa me lo pase muy bien!!lo que pasa que hoy estoy cansada :) besos!!

  3. Copy of the Celine leather jacket from H&M ;) The leather is so soft. It is definitely going to be a part of my wardrobe as well when it comes out for sale.

  4. i just came across your site & i love it ! its so cute – love the pics! DEF following you ♡love the concept !id love for you to check out my blog. I constantly host giveaways and interact with my readers.My next giveaway will be hosted in a week or so! xo elenawww.fashionisinspiration.blogspot.com

  5. andy, que hermosaaa!! estoy segura de que tu nueva adquisicion te queda de lo mas divina y cool.que envidia tanto sol y calor, aqui en argentina es invierno y hace mucho frio, pero igual hoy party party

  6. h&m trend leather jacket, i hope it will be available im my city…i love it! the best jacket ever and i hope it won't be too expensive…when is it out in stores???

  7. i am sure that's a leather jacket.. if so, loving the colour! Enjoy your partying, i am still all partied out from last weekend! only got home at 6am on sunday morn! shoo!xoxowww.missmollyfashions.blogspot.com

  8. It is a leather jacket, definitely. I love the color, beautiful. Well my plans for the weekend, all day on the beach and at night a drink in my favorite Jazz club.Kisses from Mallorca

  9. lol, I had exactly the same plan included the coconut tanning lotion.It's so hot in Holland right now! I think there aren't many other options right now. Have fun at your party! I am off for mine.xx

  10. we are all trying to guess! hahahahaI'll spend my saturday with my friends :)have a great night girl!! :)http://sunflowerontheroad.blogspot.com/

  11. hola!!gran blog!!me encanta tu estilo!Si quieres publciidad para tu blog yo puedo ayudarte.Solo tendrias que enviarme una foto que quieres que te represente a [email protected], decirme donde vives, info sobre tu blog(opcional) y la dire del blog.Aparecerias en mi blog:www.todoestodoblogs.comespero que te interesa la ideamuchos besos!!

  12. mmmm…..I think it's a bag….but I'm not sure. If it's sunny today, I will spend the entire day by the pool!! Have a great day :)http://spottedbym.blogspot.com/

  13. Probably a leather jacket ¿'Maybe i'll go to the city center to shop somes accesories for my drees for my sister's weeding.And leater i'll visit some friends and we'll swimming all night because today will be 38 degrees :Sxxxxxx

  14. Probably a leather jacket ¿'Maybe i'll go to the city center to shop somes accesories for my drees for my sister's weeding.And leater i'll visit some friends and we'll swimming all night because today will be 38 degrees :SxXXXXxXXXXXXXx

  15. yo creo q se trata de una chaqueta de cuero y creo qno me equivoco..jajajajjapasatelo muy bien, aqui en madrid llegamos casi a los 40 grados y dorir x las noches es imposibleun besitohttp://elblogdepuu.blogspot.com/

  16. I can't decide whether it's a bag or a jacket…maybe it's neither but i'm sure you will show us in due course. My plans for today; organizing myself after a heavenly week of camping. :)http://fashionregardless.blogspot.com/

  17. Hmm i can't figure out what it is.. it looks like a jacket to me, but could be a bag as well? I'm curious!My plans are (after four ours working in the heat, babysitting a young mentally disabled kid), relaxing, cooling down, drink a cold Coca Cola and, in the evening; celebrating my Bday party!).

  18. O gosh,im baffled lol.Umm..is it a brown leather jacket? (At first glance i thought it was a sofa haha,i know, i know lol :D)StopAndStareStyle – btw,posted my SECOND EVVVER look on here lol,so i'd love to hear your feedback.It would be much MUCH appreciated :D

  19. is it h&m leather jacket for the upcoming collection?i saw it on stocholmstreetstyle and fell in love!so …if it is i'm sooooo jealous!and hate you!;)

  20. my plans are:london in 7 hours and then shopping, shopping shopping, but first get my clothes together and enjoy the dutch weather!! xoxo

  21. oh, I guess it's the amazing leatherjacket from h&m fall? how did you get it : ( I like that item SO much. have a nice summer day : )I'm looking forward to my exams.yay!

  22. is it a leather jacket? or a bag? I'm curious!!! My plans for today, sitting at the balcony with my notebook, then out for coffee with couple of friends and tonight a little birthday party of a friend at the biergarden with the soccer game!

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