Blogger down :P

Here is what I wore for the second day, something a bit more casual and relaxed, no need for fancy dressing at A’dam FW.

The shows havent been too exciting for my taste, but we shall see, maybe it gets better???

in other news, MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!!!! :D, So I am celebrating it tonight as well and going out in Amsterdam with some friends so it should be fun!

P.S-Thanks again to Sabrina for the pictures (you’re a star honey!)


Esto es lo que me puse para el segundo dia de Fashion Week, algo mas casual y relajado.
Los shows (al menos para mi gusto), no han estado nada interesantes, espero que los shows de mañana esten mejor aunque para ser sincera, mis expectativas para la semana de la moda en Amsterdam no son muy altas, lo que si me tiene brincando de la emoción es el mes de Agosto y Septiembre: Copenhagen, Estocolmo, Milan, Londres, Paris y NY, así que mas vale empezar a planear que me voy a poner :P.

En otras noticias, ¡¡¡MAÑANA ES MI CUMPLEAÑOS!!! Así que la celebración hoy en la noche es básica y mañana también, por que no :P.


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114 thoughts on “AIFW DAY 2

  1. Again such a pretty outfit! I know this is a fashion blog, but I adore your hair in this picture! Could you do a tutorial about how you did your braid? Cause I've been searching on the internet for tutorials for this braid for ages! Thanks Andy, keep up the great work!

  2. LOVE the grey shoes. and I never get tired of a crisp white shirt for summer :*

  3. feliz cumpleaños adelantado!!, espero que cumplas todo lo que te propongas.y respecto a tu ropa… es perfecta!saludos desde colombia

  4. Such a great outfit- Amazing polka dot hareems and sweet side braid.I have the wedge version of your shoes ( not yet posted but will soon) from river island- they are gorgeous too! Hope you picked a fab birthday outfit!xxxxxwould love you to call clockedkisses katie.xx

  5. your all outfit is amazing but i have to detach your shoes, they are incrible and… well, i love the you skull beg… it is awesome!!!xoxolady

  6. I'm in love with your rings! especially the owl one!very cool look for a fashion week!Sandra

  7. Hi Andy,you look perfect in this more relaxed outfit, i shall indicate 'relaxed' still means chic & heels for you, and it's very cool ;-) hope you get back your camera super super soon! xxPS: a bit random but am going to Amsterdam next week-end and i was just wondering if you could please recommend ONE great place for shopping, maybe vintage, or a museum or great restaurant that is your favorite and that I absolutely should see.Love your blog so couldn't resist asking you ;-)

  8. uuuuhh i reaaaally like your pants , they are soo cool , your outfit is one of y favourtites. i need the pants , now :D

  9. Hi Andy, loved your watch, it's really very cute! Your hair is beautiful :DLove what you do, you're amazing..Kisses from Brazil

  10. ¡¡¡Feliz Cumpleaños en adelantado!!! Que te lo pases genial en la fiesta y que tengas muchos regalos. Podrias a lo mejor hacer un post sobre eso.I really love your casual outfit. Black and white…a classic. But you still made it special and stylish. I love all of your rings and that watch with la tour eiffel.-The Trendy Fashionista

  11. Amo tu blog! Así, con todas las letras!No me pierdo ninguna de tus actualizaciones.Son verdaderas joyas!He creado un blog acerca de mi y me encantaría que te pasaras!:) Un beso grosso

  12. As usual Andy you look amazing. I don't know how you do it so effortlessly. Happy birthday for tomorrow :) Summer babies are the best! <3

  13. Love the Harem pants! I can not seem to look good in them, but you look great! I'm excited to hear you are coming to London sometime in August or September!! It would be so cool if you arranged a meet-up with your blog followers! :) <3

  14. What colour of hair is that? I was so looking for this colour (i want to have that lovely BROWN colour not blond:() can you please tell me if your hair are natural? and if they aren't what colour is that.. you are very pretty :)

  15. I love your hair, very nice and sweet. FELICIDADES. Te deseo todo lo mejor, suerte en el amor y en todo lo que te propongas. Un beso de Mallorca

  16. Wowww that just looks great :D LOVE IT. The pants/jumpsuit is gorgeous :D and teamed up with the white blouse soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo chic :)Have fun TODAY :)xxx

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