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  1. OH my god! I love Likke li!! I have envy because you saw her haha :(I'm from Colombia and I think it is difficult for her to come here, but good! I wish that you had an excellent time!! Great video! :)What do you study Andy?I like your look, i follow you, please visit me :3Take care, muaah.http://polkaadolka.blogspot.com/Push push.

  2. heee meiden! Super leuk filmpje! Ik wil graag weten welk liedje dat is van Likky li! Ik ben echt al een hele tijd aan het zoeken omdat ik jullie filmpje heb gezien! :DLeuke outfits trouwens! Kus x Birgittehttp://fashionaccordingtobirgitte.blogspot.com

  3. yeah the video is nice, thanks for reminding me of Lndn citey. I'll be there for the whole summer can't wait to treat myself right, I bet you know what I mean.Cheersxx

  4. Me voy de intercambio a Madrid en 2 meses, y tu video sólo triplicó mis ganas de ir a Londres jaja. Me encanta que digas inmediatamente que eres mexicana. Espero de verdad, encontrarme cosas increíbles como tu por allá y quedarme por siempre jaja.

  5. amazing video!!! Which program do you use to create all these effects with the pictures? I'm totally in love with your nail laquer, is it chanel? I'm waiting for some new items in your e-shop!! Factory fox should thank your blog, because of it, I and a lot of my friends bought a lot of stuff from it!

  6. It's so funny how seeing someone who's never been to London having a great time in London makes you realise what a great place it is. (Does that even make sense?) Great video..pretty smooth editing too, congrats. :)http://fashionregardless.blogspot.com/

  7. Love it! Looks like you guys had a wonderful tripe! London is such an amazing city and watching the video make me miss London even more!

  8. hola andy la verdad tienes muy buen estilo pero no me gusto el video, esta un poco tonto, deberias hacerlo mas divertido…todo lo que sale eres tu tirando besos y haciendo tu amor y paz sign. you try too hard andy.

  9. hey Andy, I love your blog, your so adorable. I just wanted to know did you go to London for work, or was it all for fun? You inspire me to be creative with fashion. thank you.Monika Decouto

  10. hey andy, i just want to say you i made a text about your blog & you on my blog so i took some pictures here. if you don't want that i keep the photos of you on my blog, send me a message. Lucie

  11. Love the video Andy. You seem like such a fun person to hang out with. So happy you had a great time in London!!! I want to go so badly!colormenana.blogspot.com

  12. What a beautiful pair you two are! I loved the video. You guys are absolutely adorable. I need to ask though, what program do you use to edit your videos? Is it imovie? Because I use imovie as well, but it doesn't have a lot of options-as far as your picture album look, and little notes here and there. Just wondering. Anyway, you and Sabrina are stunning, and this video desperately makes me want to go London so badly.

  13. I loved the video!! Just moved from London after a few years and miss it alot after that video..Liked all your clothes aswell!! xx

  14. Andy me encanta tu blog y sobretodo puedo leerlo completamente por tu traduccion al castellano porque me es más comodo. Londres es una ciudad que me ha encantado y como se ve en el video os lo habeis pasado genial.Tu blog es uno de mis favoritos. Un beso muy grande desde España :)

  15. really amazing!!! Now I think this: "what will I do tomorrow? uuuhm what about trip to LONDON=)" the video is very inspirating ;) and of course awesome, thanks =*

  16. What a blast you had!!!!! Amazing video! Thank you Andy and Sabrina for sharing… :)elihttp://eli-a-porter.blogspot.com

  17. Awesome video! I loooove London. I hope I can visit it this year again. Can I ask you which program you used for editing it?

  18. haha, fun video, I love Lykke Li's music ever since I watched Sorority Row. When I saw Rumer Willis in that movie I thought of you :P.Xo-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  19. More than AMAZING! Gracias por compartirlo con nosotros. You're so lucky :) Fabulous outfits as always. Loving the London Spirit they have.-The Trendy Fashionistahttp://thetrendyfashionista.blogspot.com

  20. hola andy!! me encanta que seas mexicana!!! :D y que tengas tanto estilo!!! que buena representante!! me encanto tu video! la musica que utilizaste!!! una pregunta en que programa editas tus videos? esta increible! saludos y que sigas dizfrutando europa :D Saludos de Villahermosa,Tabascokiss fabyfabs pd. follow me on twitter @fabyfabs

  21. hola andy!! me encanta que seas mexicana!!! :D y que tengas tanto estilo!!! que buena representante!! me encanto tu video! la musica que utilizaste!!! una pregunta en que programa editas tus videos? esta increible! saludos y que sigas dizfrutando europa :D Saludos de Villahermosa,Tabascokiss fabyfabs pd. follow me on twitter @fabyfabs

  22. ME ENCANTA TU BLOG ANDY!y entender algo en castellano!el video es chulisimo,como haces esas cosas?te ha quedado genial!besos

  23. Hanna:You can watch the whole video on my FACEBOOK page :)http://www.facebook.com/pages/Style-Scrapbook/327949827202?ref=ts

  24. OOh, amazing video :) I love London and I'd go there now! Is it your favourite city in the world? Which other cities have you visited? I love your blog and your style! Kiss from Italy

  25. Germany is not able to see your video again. I think it's a problem based on your music file. But there is a special program (don't ask me for the name) and with that you can watch it. But it's a very complicated way …So I was able to watch it and LOVE it!

  26. Hi!Great video and I just love your blog and your style!Isn't your bf a little bit jealous when you're abroad partying with unfamiliar boys? :)

  27. Son casi 10 minutos pero se me ha hecho cortísimo!:) Sois muy divertidas y siempre vais guapísimas!Londres como siempre genial! Un saludo desde España.

  28. Que video tan genial! Es largo pero se pasa rápido! Los outfits perfectos todos, amo tus plataformas! Por cierto, te escribí antes en otra entrada preguntándote con que programa editavas los videos! Me podrias contestar? Es que no encuentro ninguno que me acave de gustar!Saludos! ANA-

  29. beautiful video! you are so talented in video editing. do you use the macbook imovie software?I want your H&M brown sandals! too bad they're not in my store. do you recommend other places where they have sandals without the flipflop thing in between the toes? p.s. i want to move to london too. check out my blog header.http://acaliforniadreamer.blogspot.com/

  30. your London outfits photo diary is amazing! keep going! your hair looks nice too!love from Portugal,Mirandamirandastyleatbreakfast.blogspot.com

  31. hahaa me and one of my bfs are thinking about going to london too, to be precise Summer 11- Winter 11/Summer 12, wanna found a 4-fashionable-girls-appartement ;)?

  32. I watched the whole movie! HAHAYour guys are so sweet and it looked like an amazing timeLondon has so many people! wow packed to the brim! people everywhereI might make my own video when i go overseas this month! Looks like fun! I can't wait-emmwww.spindizzyfall.blogspot.com

  33. wooow me encanto el video! :D buff despues de ver esto me han entrado aun mas ganas de volver a londres jajaja pero no me quejo que me voy a finales de mes durante TRES SEMANASSSS! estoy emocionada jajaalgun sitio, tienda, bar, etc totalmente recomendable??besitos

  34. hey andy, we in germany can´t watch your video. it claims that it ist sony music entertainment copy roght. would u take a look and try to fix it?!thank you and u rock!

  35. Aah love this video! You both look great!I would like to get back to London! Fantastic city, with à great vibe you captured great in this video!X. Catehttp://fashionoutlaw.blogspot.com

  36. Love it! such a well put together movie. you are so talented. how amazing is london. you look so stunning throughout the whole video. rofflear.blogspot.com

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