I sincerely apologize for the lousy “outfit post” today, the truth is, I didn’t have time to take proper “outfit shots”, my day was kinda crazy, I had to plan a trip to Paris in a flash, go to the city to pick up some clothes to bring for Fashion Week and pack.

The outfit was nothing special, but I needed something comfy to run some errands and get stuff ready in a 25 degree weather.

I ended up going to bed at around 3:30 am, which means I’ve slept for an hour and a half…right now, I am on the train on my way to Paris and should get there in about an hour.
Probably will be catching the Galliano show tonight and have few invitations for the shows tomorrow, so we shall see how everything turns out and to be honest, I am kinda excited about seeing all those gorgeous male models rock the catwalks in Paris FW.

Stay tuned for more coming today!

Perdón por las “fotos de vestidor”, yo se que no son a lo que los tengo acostumbrados pero ayer no me dio tiempo de tomar fotos mas decentes.
Me la pase ocupadisima tratando de planear un viaje a Paris, recogiendo alguna ropa para traerme a la semana de la moda y tratando de empacar.

Termine de hacer todo eso como a las 3:30 de la mañana, solo he dormido una hora y media pero ya estoy en el tren rumbo a paris, llegare como en una hora.

Estén pendientes con las nuevas actualizaciones fashion weekeras…



80 thoughts on “UPDATES!!!!

  1. wow, Galliano show!! He is my fashion idol. LOVE him! and of course my fav brand is Dior :)Have fun Andy!Xx Nazneenwww.neensynaye.blogspot.com

  2. I love your blog. And most of all your style. I got the same dress – and I´v even paired it with Moschino as well… ;-)http://guldlog.wordpress.com/category/dagens/

  3. tengo ese mismo vestido pero el de rayas moradas y blancas! en principio iba con idea de coger ese, pero después el morado me pareció mas original y me decidí por eseestás estupenda Andy!un besitohttp://www.lovelypepablog.com/

  4. So lucky! I also have a dress like that! :)I have a question to make to you… i don't if you could answer me but here it goes… do you know when Paris spring summer 2011 fashion week begins? Enjoy Paris.Kiss,J.

  5. ooh.. that's a fun dressstripes looks good on you :)have fun in paris!<3http://escapesweetest.blogspot.com?P.S. can't wait to see your outfits while in Paris!

  6. love the dress!! i have the same in black and love wearing it with a vintage braided black leather belt! the fabric is super light and comfy!!have an amazing time in the city of looove and make sure to keep an eye on those hot male models :)xox VickyBikinis & Passports

  7. i've got this dress in black.. but I haven't worn it yet.. I think I'm a little bit too small for such a maxi dress.. it's amazing on you!!

  8. i lOVE THAT DRESS!i KNOW IS KIND OD EVERYWGERE ON THE BLOGOSPHERE BUT IT'S STILL STUNNING!Valentina from Fashion Trotter – 100% italian street stylehttp://fashiontrotter.blogspot.com

  9. galliano shoe? wow i envy you :D i think you will have a gorgeous trip! Can´t wait to see the pics. Oh and of course you have to come to Berlin once, to the fashion week ;)greetzhttp://katjushadawaiii.blogspot.com/

  10. Where did you get your dress ? I love it !!!Have fun in Paris! ( i feel lucky to leave at 30min from Paris ^^)Des bisous !Lucie :)

  11. In previous posts I didn't like that dress too much, but styled with your Moschino belt it looks great!AstridPoise & Voguehttp://poiseandvogue.blogspot.com

  12. as I commented you before said that I do love a stripe..well I guess I should repeat it again..LOL..that stripe maxi dress will makes you look taller..fit you nicely. I will go to find it too for myself..=)

  13. I love that dress and moschino belt! look forward to all the posts from Paris! have a great time!Dree xxstyle-on-sea.blogspot.com

  14. i feel honoured i've got the same dress! have a lot of fun in paris and i'm excited about your upcoming posts

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