June 19, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

Its saturday morning and woke up to realize Autumn is back in Holland, 12 degrees, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? honestly…

I have the worst headache and have been trying to finish editing the video of Florence for the past 2 days, although I have been busy doing other stuff as well, bare with me, I am almost done!

So here is one of my delicious “vintage finds”. Could it be the amazing shade of bright red, the perfect fit, the beautiful gold buttons or maybe all of the above which made me fall in love with it?


Es sábado en la mañana y me desperte para descubrir que el otoño regreso a Holanda, estamos a 12 grados, ¿que esta pasando?
Tengo un dolor de cabeza que parece que son 2 y tengo que terminar de editar el video de Florencia, ya casi termino, lo prometo.


Shoes: CAFE MODA (Amsterdam)
Plaid shirt: VINTAGE