So many things happening in my life right now, all amazing things, I cant even explain how happy and grateful I am.

Big thanks to all the amazing people that surround me and support me, including you!!! Love you all…


Están pasando tantas cosas en mi vida, todas y cada una de ellas son increíbles oportunidades y no saben lo feliz y agradecida que estoy.

Muchísimas gracias a todas las personas que me rodean y me apoyan, incluyendo a todos ustedes…Los quiero!!!!!!


Watch: River Island
shoes: River Island
Blazer: ZARA


Here is a small video interview with me at the LuisaViaRoma 10th anniversary party, hope you like it :D

117 thoughts on “TODAY’S OUTFIT

  1. Wow, i love what you said about blogs being the platform for people with no connections and who weren't born in Paris. That is so true.Can't wait for that move to Paris! Good luck! :)

  2. muy bonito el reloj!es lo que mas me ha llamado la atención! ah!estoy esperando haber si subes mas cosas en la sección shop porque me gusta y haber si me decido en algo. Megusta mucho tu blog besos!!

  3. Hi Andy!! I'm visiting Amsterdam this summer and i would really like to know which places you recommend for shopping, eating etc. Are there any good malls or something where I can find great bargains without spending too much money on them? Would be great if you did a little post about visiting Amsterdam! Thanks b4hand! :-)

  4. hei gorgeous, I'm happy things are going on well for you because you deserve it! keep on the good work and never stop being sooo nice!!

  5. Darling I've only recently discovered your blog but it's rapidly becoming a favourite! You have such a wonderful sense of style, I always come away with so much inspiration.The vintage trousers are a wonderful find, love the mix of colour.I'm delighted how much opportunity is beginning to arise for you! Cannot wait to hear about all your exciting happenings!Lilyxxx

  6. woow andy…Esta de lujo que todo mejore cada día.Disfruta al máximo =DComo siempre me encantaron tus fotos..estan incribles..en un espacio natural..saludos desde México!

  7. Haha I justed wanted to say Sabrina's photographer is wearing the same watch as you, but of course it is you! :) I really like it, the pink and the gold look beautiful!AstridPoise & Vogue

  8. Lovely pictures, really fun and relaxed. Those trousers are so eye catching (in the most amazing way), I LOVE your style (doesn't everybody?) You make a great interview, too. :)

  9. you a really great interviewer! its a great quality- you always manage to extend you answers- and make them even fuller and interesting! love it

  10. i love those pantsit's so colorful and so.. summer :)glad that you are enjoying life, dearkeep up the spirit <3

  11. Andy, you have such an amazing feeling for style! I love the pants you're wearing.I saw your interview on JIMtv for spotlight last week, you seem so nice :)Xhttp://rendez-fou.blogspot.comHTTP://RENDEZ-FOU.BLOGSPOT.COM

  12. Me ha encantado la entrevista. Y sobre lo de que no tienes un estilo concreto… bueno, es verdad que te atreves con todo, pero a cada prenda le das tu propio toque y eso es lo importante, porque siempre eres tú y no una persona disfrazada, eso es lo que me gusta ;)Un besito!

  13. you look amazing! I like energetic colorful pants and white! and your watch is great, I really need to visit River Island! xxx

  14. Hee andy!love the outfit!you always have such great vintage finds, I'm also from amsterdam and I was wondering where do you do your vintage shopping here in amsterdam? can you recommend something?groetjes! Manon

  15. This look is awesome! Trousers are great :) I'm missing Amsterdam while watching your photos :) Kisses from Poland!Maddy.

  16. You look so pretty in the second picture Andy!Great video!I feel so bad about having missed Florence :( But I'm having a great time in Paris ;)I wish you an amazing weekend!!!

  17. love the trousers so much! i never get lucky with anything vintage! your outfits always look fab.'

  18. You Andy are AMAZING!!! Keep rocking the fashion blog like you are doing now. In this post I adore the fact that you wore a brown bag with grey shoes. Not doing the classical and soo boring form of soes and bag in the same color!!!Hugs from Argentina.xoxo, mary

  19. U look gorgeous :) I love ur harem pants :) U have combined the outfit really well :) STUNNING STUNNING! The colour combination is just GREAT :)

  20. Me alegro de todo lo que te esta pasando. La verdad solo pasa un tren en la vida el otro lo tienes que buscar y la verdad casi nadie lo vuelve a encontrar. Ibas muy bien vstida me usta la armonia de los colres claro arriba y aajo ese llamativo toque de color ¡perfecto!Kisses!

  21. You look amazing, as usual. Those pants can't be pulled of by many people, but they can by you. Thumbs up!Love, Charlotte

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