52 thoughts on “STUNNER

  1. i cant get enough of this look! the wang messy braid is perfected, i can never seem to get it right.. and that bag!! it can fit anywhere<33heelsandinspiration.blogspot.com

  2. gorgeous love it! looks like my sweater from h&m that im obsessed with!!xoxo,Flekisskiss.blogspot.com <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  3. beautiful girl, beautiful location, and beautiful outfit! I'm just wondering if she knows her sandals are undone… <3

  4. Hey Andy! This is Karolina from Poland. Just wanted to let you know, that you are one of my greatest inspirations!! I found your blog through Chiara's when she posted pics of you guys from London, and I've been a follower ever since. I've always thought that in order to look fashionable you have to have enough money to buy all these clothes, but by watching you guys, I totally changed my mind and decided to change something about me. Your outfits are amazing and your influence on my clothing and (what immediately follows) my self-esteem has been huge. Thank you for that! Love, Karolina.

  5. This picture is defenetely amazing!How cool is this blondie??!!Very american style, btw..Valentina from Fashion Trotter – 100% italian street stylehttp://fashiontrotter.blogspot.com

  6. And i love how chilled she is about the whole thing, it's like "Oh, i COMPLETELY forgot i was stunning and beautifully dressed, but go head take a picture…"anyway. LOVE. :)http://fashionregardless.blogspot.com/Feedback, as always is HUGELY appreciated. x

  7. I think it's a little too simple. I think it's the photograph that actually looks nice, not really her outfit. You dress a lot nicer :)

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