Here is a post with a LOT of pics (and more to come) from this super fun day, just to make up for the lack of pictures in the past few posts…

Paris was amazing, surreal to say the least.
I had the most amazing time at the shows and got to hang out with my blogger friends, which to be honest, have become my good friends now, despite the blogs.

I need to make a move to Paris soon, I belong there, I know that, no other city makes me feel the same way.

P.S- The round 2 of pics is coming later today :D, Denni and I visited the fair, got on a crazy ride, ate churros (too many) and sat by the eiffel tower for ages so don’t miss it :D


Aquí les dejo muchas fotos (y vienen mas en un rato), gracias a la falta de variedad en los últimos días.

La verdad La semana de la moda me tuvo ocupadisima y rara vez tenia tiempo de sentarme a escribir un post, así que mil disculpas por la falta de traducciones en los últimos 2.

Cada vez que vengo a Paris, me doy cuenta que es aqui donde debo de estar, aqui pertenezco, punto final, así que espero encontrar algo pronto y poderme cambiar lo antes posible.

P.S- la segunda ronda de fotos va a estar en el blog en un rato.


Leather Shorts: VINTAGE
Tee: H&M Trend
Necklace: BY 1oak


84 thoughts on “PARIS DAY 3 PART 1

  1. Andy, you and Denni should really visit less touristy places. There are plenty nicer places in Paris where you don't have to deal with millions of annoying tourists. It's truly an amazing city…definitely much more too see than les pyramides du louvre, la tour eiffel and le pont alexandre III. Also, if you love sweets, Paris is much more than Ladurée :-) Hopefully one day your dream will come true!!!

  2. I LOVE that the two of you are friends. My two favorite fashion bloggers. Totally different styles yet both so spot-on ALL THE FREAKING TIME.Usually I wake up and channel one or the other. Today I went halvsies: Andy-style gray-on-gray with multiple watches and bow necklace…and Danni-style red lips. Haha.

  3. You are beautiful!! i love the shorts and your peace sign necklace. And Denni's shoes are lovely too.Bisous!-Cris

  4. Love these! You always seem to co-ordinate perfectly with your friends, is this on purpose or incredible coincidence? Either way, you both look great. :)

  5. Me encanta este outfit, me parece super facil de usar y comodo!Espero que pronto cumplas tu sueño de vivir en Paris.Un beso desde Argentina

  6. I love this post ! I follow slanelle and it's so cool that you are friend :) I hope one day i will meet people like you , it seems to be so interesting :) Like always your look is so great , in particular your short ! Keep it up , we love it :)Kisses

  7. Great photos! Cannot WAIT to see the rest! I really love your shorts and Denni's flats! && that was a pic of the Mulberry pink, lepoard I right??? Stunning!You are super luck you get to be there…I wish I was there!!xxJen

  8. Me ha encantado el outfit! el cinturón de Moschino es precioso!! y el emplazamiento de las fotos no podia ser mejor. Adoro Paris!!xoxo!!

  9. Unas fotos muy bonitas.Espero que algún día puedas cumplir tu sueño de mudarte a París, seguro que lo haces…Un besito

  10. These photos are lovely! you and Denny look gorgeous – maybe you should move to Paris! Life is about risks and being happy, so go for it :)

  11. geniales las bermudas! me han encantado :)yo siento lo mismo que tú pero por Italia…concretamente por Roma, siento que debería haber nacido allí :((me encantan las bailarinas fucsias de Denni! sois lo mas chic de París!un besazo

  12. Lovely pics.I want to got to Paris ,too.Andy,i will be in Amsterdam this weekend, can you advise me some hotels,where i can stay, which are not expensive and very clean.I also would love to know, if there is a lovely park or antyhing??

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