What a day! I ended up sitting front row at KENZO, now I am back at the flat to change shoes and do a quick post…

I loved this collection, the look was so fresh, so vibrant, you could definitely see a french influence and I thought that overall it was an amazing collection, full of bright colors and amazing shapes.

Now I am off to see DIOR HOMME.

See you later!!!

Shorts/skirt: H&M (in stores soon)
Blouse: H&M
shoes: FINSK

101 thoughts on “PARIS DAY 2

  1. I love your outfit! The show looked great and the setting was amazing! can't wait to see the rest of your pics!Dree

  2. Wow you look amazing and I'm soo jealous that your at the KENZO fashion show. You have such amazing style Andy and I soo enjoy your daily looks!!!xoxoShaniqua

  3. Wow Andy, you look friggin' stunning as always. Love the combination of the blouse + skirt. – Love, Charlotte

  4. The 6th model from Kenzo is a Portuguese one.I love his work.You look so pretty.I'm going to Paris on monday but to spend some time with family how I wish I could come to Fashion week Bisou

  5. Hola Andy! wow wow wow que fotoss!!! me encanto tu outfit, como siempre eres la numero #1 ♥ sigue asi!! y como digo siempre, espero verte por las calles de Buenos Aires algun dia ^^ besos!!!

  6. I'm so jealous of you being in Paris! It seems to be great, all that invitations to the shows…front row ;)I love your shoes! where are they from?xx

  7. woah! front row! :OI quite like one of the knit jumpers in one of your pics on the male model! Could work for a grungy style female too :) hehe xxxx

  8. you're such a lucky girl! i really love your blog& style and today i really need your advice! i'm going to london in 3 days: what do you think: what should i visit& do you know where i can go shopping best (for little money ;) )you can e-mail me if you want [email protected] have a nice daylove Lea

  9. are you coming to the BERLIN FASHION WEEK?! We are waiting for Andy :Dgreetz from Berlin

  10. love your outfit! and you're on the front row? awesome! can't wait to see your outfit on your next post.take care! xoxo

  11. I love your outfit… you look so gorgeous! It's nice to keep it simple : black and white are lovely and always fashionable!The show seems awesome! Love the colors =)<3Marine / Another fucking fashionista

  12. Hi Andy! I have to admit that it's the first time i visit your blog…I often see picturs of you in streetstyle blogs, and you always look so cool! congratulations!kisses(if you want…take a look at my blog, it would be fantastic to take a picture of you and post it!)

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