Its 6:00am and Im getting ready to fly to Florence for the LuisaViaRoma 10th anniversary event.

I have realized that for the past few weeks I have barely been home, I’ve been living of a suitcase, traveling to few places and it doesn’t seem to slow down.
With Fashion Week season coming up, god knows how long I will actually be home for, so I better learn to pack lighter, although I don’t think I ever will.

See you in Florence!!!!


Son las 6 de la mañana y yo ya casi estoy lista para volar a Florencia (para el decimo aniversario de LuisaViaRoma).

Me he dado cuenta que en las ultimas semanas casi no he estado en mi casa, me la he pasado viviendo de una maleta, empacando y desempacando, de aquí para allá y con eso de que la temporada de Fashion Weeks se acerca, no creo que el ritmo se vaya a calmar.
Mas vale que aprenda a empacar ligero, aunque para ser sincera, no creo que eso pase.

¡¡¡Nos vemos en Florencia!!!!


Levis denim vest: VINTAGE
Headband: TOPSHOP
Bag: asos.com

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  1. You're way too beautiful I admire u Andy! I keep thinking of our little meeting at the Trocadero in Paris. Good continuation for all:)Affectueusement, Yann!xoxoLove u A.

  2. You look so good here! Love the pants, the shoes, the headscarf and the denim vest! Love your stylehttp://bubbbbbbaf.blogspot.com

  3. me encanta este outfit y me apasiona la primera foto!pásala bien en Florencia,por cierto, ese esmalte es Particuliere de Chanel, me equivoco?anyway, lo adoro! :)Un besito, Chic and Chocolate.

  4. I think you do the casual everyday look very well. I also like how your look is very accessible for us mere mortals who can't afford to deck ourselves head to toe in designer gear. I have been a fan since I saw you on Face Hunter and would love to hear more about you, who your style muses are and who you take inspiration from. And where your favourite city is in the world!

  5. your shoes! your bag! so so good with the casual outfit. and wouldn't it be awesome to own a whole shelf full of fashion-related books?!

  6. love everything, everything EVERYTHING about this outfit! I don't know where to begin!! love the scarf, the handbag, and oh how I wish I could afford those amazing shoes!! aRihttp://lacatrinadelamoda.blogspot.com/

  7. Deze schoenen zijn echt TE mooi! Love love love love! je outfit is zo leuk en de foto's zijn fantastisch! LEEUUUKK!!! Xoxo Birgittehttp://fashionaccordingtobirgitte.blogspot.com

  8. Hi Andy!Ik zie je naam (Andy/Stylescrabbook) al een tijdje voorbij komen op het net, maar nooit de moeite genomen eens echt te gaan kijken. Tot nu dus. Hoewel je vast niet anders te horen krijgt, wil ik toch even zeggen dat ik je blog gaaf vind! Ga zo door!Liefs, Suusje Q.

  9. So amazing outfit!So nice combination!Love the headband..Have a good time in Florence!xoxoCharahttp://skinnyandflavored.blogspot.com/

  10. Lovely post! Love your entire outfit && those Finsk wedges are ah-mazingggg just as special as your other ones! (:xxJenhttp://belledecouture.blogspot.com

  11. Wow. This is really cool, and quite different to what you normally wear…I LOVE the headscarf, it's perfect. Have fun in Florence! :)http://fashionregardless.blogspot.com/

  12. I love your bag! I would like to know if it is possible to put the macbook (13'') in this amazing bag, because i'm very interested about buy it!Let me know as soon as possible, so I can order!You're the best blogger!

  13. You just look so gorgeous as usual ! LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit, and especially your FINSK shoes:)Lots of love simplyjuststyle.blogspot.com

  14. Even if you're barely bein' at home you have to consider that travel to such nice places is so much better than be at home having nothing to do.Love the outfit. And I can't wait to see your Florence's outfit. yey!Good flight girl

  15. Andy you are simply amzing in these photos!!You are my favorite blogger!!!I love your shoes, and I want buy a pair,but so expansive! Good travel!! Ilaria

  16. Hi Andy,absolutely love this look, suits you soo well!it's so cute how you've tied in the scarf on your hair, and kept it simple with the jogpants and tee-shirt.Teh shoes are amazing, thought they were Acne at first sight, will DEF check finsk!www.sylviaetc.blogspot.com

  17. Have fun in Florence and I am loving your new shoes!so jealous of all of you amazing clothes!Cherylxoxohttp://fashionreader-cheryl.blogspot.com/

  18. me encantan tus botines y los neros que tienes parecidos tambiennnnn!!!donde puedo comprarlos porque en la web no me entero de nada!! y el precio?un besito guapahttp://elblogdepuu.blogspot.com/

  19. you're so lucky to have 2 amazing pairs of finks wedges! can't wait to see what's coming next.. hope you have blast in florence!

  20. hey andy.i hav ebeen in love with the finsk boots for sooo long, and now you have 2! they look awesome on you.i have a question.. where did you buy them??

  21. i also want to visit so many amaze places as you, i think that sometime i wish my plans ;Dand btw nice photos ! love your bag <3successful journey ;)www.pglitzy.blogspot.com

  22. OMG I love books so bad… they're my personnal madness ^^ Can you imagine how much I love fashion books : a mix of my two passions =)Great outfit (I adore your bag and shoes <3)<3Marine / another fucking fashionista

  23. Another Finsk wedges!!!??? I'm so jealous of your warderobe!!! :) What do you actually do to earn money and afford all this if you don't mind me asking… :)xxxhttp://gypsy-diaries.blogspot.com/

  24. U look gorgeous again :) casual but chic. Love ur wedges!thttp://tugbaseckin.blogspot.com/http://tugbaseckin.blogspot.com/http://tugbaseckin.blogspot.com/http://tugbaseckin.blogspot.com/http://tugbaseckin.blogspot.com/http://tugbaseckin.blogspot.com/http://tugbaseckin.blogspot.com/

  25. have i ever told you how much i heart you??cos i dooo!haha seriously. you are killing it in this outfit.sooooo goood.looking forward to your Florence posts.wish i could travel as much as you.think i need to move to amsterdam.love xxx

  26. AMAZING ANDY! <3 me encanta todo lo que te pones! quick question. those shoes [FINSK] do they deliver to America? Florida to be precise? Or is it only for Europe?

  27. Lucky you, traveling to all these amazing places! :o) Unfortunately, I'm stuck at the University till July!Can't get enough of your bag!!! Perfection! :o)Have a lovely trip! x

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