So we are all finally here, Chiara, Veronica, Sabrina and me (Denni arrives later today).
The occasion? its LuisaViaRoma’s 10th anniversary and they are gathering popular international bloggers in one big event, who else will be here??? You will have to wait and see ;)

I have to hurry, need to get ready for breakfast in an hour, meeting a lot of fellow bloggers today, it will be A LOT of fun so stay tuned, this is a post you won’t want to miss!

P.S- I am also working on filming the whole thing for a new “small” film so stay tuned for that as well!


Por fin estamos todas juntas, Chiara, Veronica, Sabrina y yo (en un rato llega Denni).
¿La ocasión? Por el decimo aniversario de LuisaViaRoma, se encargaron de juntar a algunos de los bloggers mas conocidos en un gran evento, luego les cuento mas detalles por que me urge irme a arreglar para el desayuno con todos los demás.

P.S- Al final del viaje voy a volver a hacer una “pequeña” película así que estén pendientes, este es un video que no se pueden perder!


Vintage Blazer: VIntage Retro London
Shoes: River Island



  1. seriously, this is the most gorgeous blazer. your collection of blazers is mind blowing! and that picture of you on the balcony with your hair blowing is the perfect shot.

  2. no me puede gustar más tu abrigo turquesa, estoy absolutamente enamorada de el!!!!!!!!!!!saludos desde Españ

  3. I love your hat. Perfect for summer…running to the store now! Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration!!! Bisous!xxx

  4. i love all of your outfit hereand i have a similar blue blazer like that!and Italy looks amazing!i hope you have fun too while working! ;)

  5. Hola,que tal?sigo tu blog desde hace tiempo y siempre me he preguntando a que te dedicas, solo al blog y a la moda? o tienes otra profesión?que has estudiado?

  6. Bellisima, love the grey dress, the long blazer and the green-blue sandals. Just gorgeous outfit! Enjoy Florence, it's such a great city. Love, Mia

  7. have a great time in Florence, Andy!I live not so far from there but I won't be able to come and meet you and Sabrina from afterDRK even if it's on my wishlist :) !What about taking a photo on the Brunelleschi's Cupola?Kisses!!!

  8. I loved the turquoise blazer, grey botties and the brown caramel purse. Classy but

  9. Bella ragazz en bellissima Roma… find this series very cool, light, mood, stéphane, if you like my bog, share it or leave a comment…

  10. How very exciting for you! You're so lucky to be jetting around everywhere- I am SO jealous. The jacket in the pictures is incredibly stunning. WONDERFUL. :)

  11. I'm about crying, 'cause I see all my favorite bloggers in one post. I've been following you for a while. I really love your blazer. I'm italian and I'd give anything to meet you right now.Enjoy Tuscany.Kisses,Federica.

  12. Wow! you're in Florence , lucky you. It's a beautiful city. I love that blazer you're wearing. Btw you look lovely as always. Can't wait to see the video.-The Trendy Fashionista

  13. Oh my I am in LOVE with that jacket of yours….so awesome! && your shoes, though I've seen them and commented on them before, are so great! I wish we had a River Island here! (:xxJen

  14. Wat ben jij een bofkont, eerst Londen en nu een week later Italie. De foto's zijn echt heel leuk en veel plezier nog!

  15. Excelente Blazer y tus outfit mucho mejor siempre ke te veo enkuentro kosas muy lindas en ti ,,,,,, eres super divertida y ke bien ke viejes ,,, hermosas fotos y hermoso lugar,,,,,,y esperando el videito un besoy komo al pueblo ke fueres di loke oyes (jiji lo kambie) ciao bella

  16. Hello!!!!I love your blog , the pictures are amazing!!!! I hope to see you in Florence !!!!KissClaudia

  17. awesome, you get to travel so often, i'm jealous!that blazer has a lovely colour, not to speak about the shape.. it's awesome

  18. Your dress is really lovely, the hat, blazer and belt really make the whole outfitWhere is your bag from i need it in my life!?

  19. as always, you look amazing. I love the dress with the belt-thing!nice blazer too, I love those golded details !xTine from

  20. Me encanta tu bolso!! es precioso! Y me he enamorado de tu blazer, ese azul parece pòco combinable, pero te queda genial con este vestido gris.Que suerte ser invitada a un evento así y tener la oportunidad de conocer a otras bloggers tan estilosas… te envidio :)un beso!

  21. Es la ciudad que me enamoró por completo. Que bien que hayas podido disfrutarla con buena compañía. Yo espero volver pronto. Un besito!

  22. If you have the time,you should watch Italy's first football game on the World Cup on Monday.I live in Belgium and all the Italians always gather together to watch the game. Where I live, there are a lot of Italians.There's always a very nice atmosphere during the World Cup!x

  23. Hi Andy! I'm Alice and we've met yesterday while you were in the queue to see the David, do you remember me? Sorry but my english is so bad and yesterday i didn't know what to say! I'm just so happy that we've met, has been really nice to meet you :) hope you will have a great time in Florence, and hope to see you again! Alicep.s. the really good ice cream parlour that i tried to advise to you was GROM near piazza Duomo, i don't remember the exactly name of the road…ask around :)

  24. Hi Andy,Enjoy Florence … if you have time you should really stop by the shop 'Santa Maria Novella' in via della scala 16, they sell the best soaps and oils ever, Charlotte gainsbourg's favourite, it's all manfactured in florence for centuries. BTW, amazing blazer, you look great!

  25. amazing blazer! the colour works so well with the grey marl dress! very cue outfit!Dree xxstyle-on-sea.blogspot.comps: still love your satchel!

  26. ¿Que has estudiado para poder vivir de esto? Con viajes para arriba y para abajo. Para mi solo es un hobby y solo hay que verlo tu blog es envidiable, se nota la dedicación que le haces.Un saludo

  27. Belissima indeed! Shirt dresses suit you well, dear and perfectly chic with that vintage blazer – you do inspire me to seek more simplicity in my outfits.Have fun at the party!

  28. first blog i visit after comming home from a VERY rainy vacation in Holland is yours ^^ and then I see you in Italy and you have sun! HahahaLove the photos!!! Fashion is fun! ou should be ambassadors of fashion fun…. or something hahaAnyways. Thanks for posting!Gosh I missed this!x

  29. Amazing Andy! I love the blu-green jacket! and also ur bag!Btw, you have been in a hotel in front of Battistero di SanGiovanni? Stunning! ;)Shonwer

  30. hi you are beautiful in the post like ever …. i love florence …it is a magic city …i will go to stydy in florence …. i'm italian … where did you stay in florence ? in whinch hotel near duomo ??? kiss kiss

  31. all of your outfits complement one another so well, you would think it was styled that way! you all look fantastic, have a great time!xx

  32. Your outfit were both beautiful, I love that green blazer. Florence is stunning and wow, you hotel couldn't be more central than this! have fun today :)

  33. WOW, I love this jacket!! The color is beautiful and looks so great in combination with the golden buttons!!

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