Life has been hectic the past few months, jumping from here to there and going from one place to the other… don’t get me wrong, it was been beyond amazing but I think I needed this weekend to just chill and relax, wear comfy outfits and don’t worry about makeup or styling…

I tweeded about my super comfy outfit last sunday and you guys wanted me to share it, so here it is, nothing special at all, just pure comfort and of course, I left my house for a sec and I had to look a bit more descent so I threw my fav vintage blazer on.


Mi vida ha sido una locura en los últimos meses, me la he pasado de aquí para allá, viajando y en eventos así que este fin de semana en casa era lo que necesitaba.
A partir de Julio, todo se va a maximizar y el ritmo de vida va a cambiar demasiado, con eso de que empieza la temporada de Fashion weeks, así que para mi, es ahora o nunca, a cargar las pilas!

Este es un outfit súper sencillo, no tienen nada fuera de lo común, es lo que me puse para andar en mi casa el domingo…


Joggers: ZARA
Blazer: Vintage
Tank top: American apparel sexualitank
Shoes: CAFE MODA Amsterdam


Oh and here is my latest Style & music obsession, enjoy!

109 thoughts on “LAZY DAYS

  1. I loved your blog, your style is perfect, it is what i use to wear and i can't stop to see.. congratulations Andy.xoxoand just to let you know, i'm from BRAZIL, and here we love that type of style!

  2. I would love to wear sweatpants in public. The thing is, you don't seem to make them look like sweatpants…I'd like to use that last photo in an article on "How to Wear Sweatpants in Public." I will email you about this.XX.Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  3. I saw that Andreas was a singer on lookbook, I've been trying to find him on youtube but I couldn't, so thanx for posting this video.Ow, your house looks so cosy!♥

  4. I love the distinction that you make between comfortable and lazy; a fine line that many women don't understand how not to cross.

  5. Well, it's simple, but amazing as well! The fact is, that people look best, when they're in their most comfortable outfit. I also like the wall behind you :))Go on, girl!

  6. Adorable! Those pants look so amazingly comfortable. I love how sweats are fashionable now! That blazer–with the big gold buttons, especially on the lapels–is enviable.Jennifer from

  7. I love the way you rocked those grey track pants! You look gorgeous as usual dear

  8. I'm in lovee with your wallpaper & duvet cover! (Hope you write it like thiss. Hihi.)Http://

  9. First of all I have to say, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It's amazing!Do you always carry your camera hanging from your shoulder? :) Aren't you afraid that someone will steal it? :D

  10. Andy, you're the luckiest person I know. You even look gorgeous wearing sweatpants. And that vintage blazer is to-die-for!!! Where did you get it? In London?-The Trendy Fashionista

  11. he's such a cutie !I love his voice , his face and his style !and you, of course you are breathtaking :)I want to buy these pants,too.btw. are you going to go to amsterdam fashionweek? why don't u come to berlin fashionweek honey?

  12. Loving the fact that you probably look better than most people on the street when you're wearing you comfy clothes. ALSO, love your glasses, they are so geeky, they make me want to came and steal them from you…but I won't. (Not because I have a moral compass but because I don't have a plane to hand!) LOVE. :), as ever is HUGELY appreciated. x

  13. I love that jacket and the color really suit you!!Me fascina tu blog Andy!!Un saludo desde las Islas Canarias (España)!!

  14. WHOOO! Who is that beautiful boy with that amazing voice? Never heard of him before. Definitely going to keep an eye on him. I like your outfit, it looks really comfy.. and I adore your wallpaper! Where did you get it?

  15. IS THAT YOUR ROOM??Geweldig…Ik ga (hoop van het jaar nog) verhuizen en ben geloof ik al beetje interiorminded hahaEn dat op jouw blog!!The outfit looks great :)Leisure <3

  16. U look gorgeous even in your comfy clothes :) I love ur necklace

  17. Andy, me da una rabia cuando veo tu blazaer y pone vintage!!, Porque me encanta y no encuentro nada parecido para comprar.Precioso el pepel de la pared.Por cierto te he mandado un email de parte de PEPA LOVES, te lo digo por si se ha colado al spam o algo así.BesosIsabel

  18. Your bedroom looks so comfy and glam! love the wall paper and the soft bed covers. Also, isn't it great that oe item can change your outfit from lounging to lovely?Dree

  19. Je outfit is echt super meid! Ik heb ook nog een outfit post gedaan met die broek maar dan van de H&M! Xoxo Birgitte

  20. you are extraordinary fashion icon:) I love your style;)sorry, I am not original, when I am saying "I love your style", but I cannot help myself, I adore it;)

  21. I agree, at home, the sweats and baggy t-shirts come out!With the heels and blazer however, you look pretty glam, chanelling a bit of Alexander Wang.Robbie xox

  22. stunning!!!! the blazer gives this outfit a stange meaning…I love it!!! kisses!

  23. B.L.O.G.W.A.L.K.I.N.G Hello girl, my name tara . I'm blogger from Indonesia. I like ur blog and ur style is super duper cool :)If you don't mind please visit my blog and leave ur comment .Thx,Love and PeaceTara

  24. That's such a cool outfit. I love it and think it looks really stylish with the blazer. And your blanket looks soooo cozy and cloud-like :)*Nathalie

  25. Love this outfit – you look so comfy and when combined with the blazer and the heels it gives off a really chic vibe.Cozy weekends are the best. Especially when the weather is bad.

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