First hours in PARIS and already got few invitations for the shows tomorrow…met fellow blogger Slanelle, she is super sweet and fun and went together for a quick trip to Melissa’s showroom where I got the coolest shows (must show you later).

Met my Girl Denni for lunch, walked on high heels around Le Marais, sat at a forbidden grass area at Tuileries and came home quick for a change of clothes and then Galliano…

Gotta go!!!!


72 thoughts on “FEW INVITATIONS

  1. I've recently found your blog.It's great!!! And I'm a bit jealous for such a natural fashion and style taste as you have. I think your style is brilliant. ;]

  2. WOW! Galliano just love him! A veces no puedo seguir tu blog como lo quisieraaaa pero me encanta toooodo lo q pones, y ameee el outfit del vestido largooooo! Mucha suerteeee en los desfileees y tomanos muuuuuchas fotos x) xoxo

  3. wow Andy.kenzo? it sounds very nice :)hope you'll have there an amazing time. love paris just like you, so it's a great opportunity for me (us – mean all of your readers :) yo see this magical city so often !kisses :)evelinehttp://evelinefashion-diary.blogspot.com/

  4. Me he decidido ha hacerme blog y me he decidido a comentarte! que suerte de estar invitada a tantos desfiles!>_< mataria por estar en tu sitio, aprovechalo y cuentanosolo :)http://ohmystrangebird.blogspot.com

  5. I can't wait to go back to Paris!! :( I miss it there so much, I hope your enjoying it Andy! Take care<3xo Hollywww.iSpyFashionDiary.blogspot.com:)

  6. Those outfits are incredibly cool, I love how hand made they look (although maybe they are?) Can;t wait for more photos of the lovely Paris. Jealous, as always. :)http://fashionregardless.blogspot.com/

  7. Is ist not just adorable how worried they are about their sculptures at the tuilleries? gosh i miss paris so much…have a wonderful time andy!♥

  8. I love you… I like that smile of yours along with your dress and shoes… that smile and face makes you look down to earth. We all are so comfortable telling you what we feel for you … and we know that you won't shrug off and say "hell yeah, I know that"Love Love Love from India.

  9. can't believe you're atending a DIOR Fashion SHOW!you are so lucky…hope you meet Jon Kortajarena…send him love!LOLXOXO

  10. It's so cool you're here in Paris! I love Slanelle's blog, her outfits are very original!You need to tell us all about the shows =)<3Marine / Another fucking fashionista

  11. Wow Paris!! los zaptos que tienes estan incriebles tengo unos iguales!! son un poco incomodos pero vale la pena! besazo hasta paris desde merida, yucatan!Esther xoxoLazzo

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