Pics by Yvan Rodic

Pic by me

Pic by me

Pics by Yvan Rodic

Here are few pics of some of my adventures in the past month and how fun it has been!

Have few plans for the next couple of weeks, lets see how they all come together, I shall be updating you shortly :D

P.S-Happy Birthday to my DAD !!!! I love you so much daddy!!!


Estas son algunas fotos de mis aventuras este mes y que divertido ha sido!

Tengo algunos planes y proyectos bajo la manga para las proximas semanas pero en cuanto tenga mas detalles les aviso, lo prometo.

P.S- Feliz cumpleaños a mi PAPA !!!!!!!!!! Te quiero muchísimo papi ♥


Trench Coat: Queens Wardrobe
Skirt: Warehouse


91 thoughts on “CITY ADVENTURES

  1. Wow, I'd love to have your life!Or at least your hair, clothes and a handful of the exciting experiences!Love your blog, always inspiring pictures and outifts, I keep coming back :)

  2. ihi, the guy looks a bit like damian from the band ok go!by the way lovely andy, do you sometimes give styling tips? if we may have any fashion questions,!

  3. Hola andy! Voy a visitar amsterdam dentro de una semana, podrías recomendarme algunas tiendas??Me encantan las botas!Hace buen tiempo alli?un besazo enoorme!

  4. what size shoe do you take?:) are these shoes large enough and comfortable? I want those shoes,but my shoe size is 7-8,and 8 is not available. I don't know what to do,any advice? I'm sorry for my bad english :(

  5. I'm in dire need of good striped skirts. I don't have any, and I feel that they would round out any wardrobe well.The boots + trench + body con is such a great look. Makes me wish I could wear it to work without feeling overly conscious. You're my new style muse. I look at your photos every day.XX.Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  6. Happy Bday to your DAD.You are such an inspiration for me, see you is believe in dreams, I wanna be in every part of the world doing what I do the best and screaming I'M FROM MEXICO♥youre amazing!LV oxoxo.Read me back people.Im just starting.

  7. What a great time you always seem to be having! I love the mirror picture, really clever. Love your trench, too…still haven't got round to getting myself one. :)

  8. Andyyy :) you're amazing! this dress is very pretty. I love these pictures! but, how can you wear your heels all day long? don't you feel your feet… bad? please, tell me your secret :D anyway I love your style and your blog is the best, better then all other ones. PS= I've liked the video about your experience in Florence, if you haven't already noticed it, I'm italian (in fact my english is not very good.) and obviusly I love all the cities in Italy! I'm so sorry for my baaaaad english, I hope you'll understand what I'm writing! XXXSerena from ItalyyyPS number 2= have you ever been to Milano or Bergamo? If you, one day, have to come here, call me and I'll give you hospitality! heheheXXX again :)

  9. Andy, would you please tell me your secret to wear extra high heels all day long?Iron feet?Meditation?Please tell me!By the way, I love the striped dress!Valentina from Fashion Trotter – 100% italian street style

  10. I was thinking about peiring up my striped skirt with a printed T.. I wasn't sure it would work out, but you convinced me, love it =)

  11. ohh me encanta el look! Se ve que lo pasasteis genial!Muchas felicidades a tu padre, hoy tambien es el santo de mi novio (:Besitoos

  12. Yeah – happy birthday for your dad ! Your photos enforce me to visit Amsterdam – this city looks so interesting ! :D:D:D I love your sunglasses – I'll certainly buy a pair :D:D:D you like to visit my site ?ALL THE BEST, Andy :D P.S. I really enjoy the videos :D

  13. Awesome pictures! And I'm really curiouss about your upcoming plans!Ow and I have to confess something…few days ago I had a dream about you!I was really weird because I had a appointment with you, but I don't remember about what!But further you were very NICE!hihi

  14. !!!Feliz Cumpleaños a tu PAPÁ!!!!You look amazing Andy… I love the first picture by Yvan. I can't wait 'till I read your next post. Have a good week.-The Trendy Fashionista

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