Here are some of the things I cant go without, they are always in my bag making it really heavy to carry, but then again, aren’t most girl bags really heavy? :P

There were many more uninteresting things inside my bag, like hair clips, bobby pins, many different lip balms and things of that nature, this are my favorite:

4.small camera
6.Keys with several Parisian keychains :P
7.hand cream!
8. CHANEL bronzer & powder
9.YSL touche eclat
11.YSL lipstick
12.makeup bag
13.mirror (present from my mom)
14.agenda (which I cant leave without!)

Whats inside yours???


Muchas de ustedes me habían pedido hacer este post desde hace tiempo, así que aquí esta.
Estas son algunas de las cosas que puedes encontrar en mi bolsa.

Hay muchísimas cosas mas adentro, pero estas son las mas indispensables para mi:

3.Lentes de sol
6.llaves con llaveros de Paris
7.crema para las manos!
8.bronzer & polvo de CHANEL
9.YSL touche eclat
11.YSL lipstick
12.bolsa de maquillaje
13.espejo (regalo de mi mami)



73 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN THE BAG

  1. It's amazing…I almost have the same things in my bag…and that means…1- you always need a tote for the day2- so many problems when you carry a clouch …you never know what you "definitely" need….

  2. i really enjoy posts like that! every little thing in this bag is very stylish!i use exactly the same things, but i think that the most important are the angenda ang glasses!

  3. always a big bag, and always filled with:1. marc by marc wallet2. sony camera3. rosebud lip salve4. gucci reading glasses5. cheap sunglasses, usually a couple pairs6. cargo lipstick7. M.A.C. lipgloss8. magazine/book9. pierre belvedere agenda10. travel-size chance by chanel perfumehttp://tovogueorbust.blogspot.com

  4. Increible!!Me encanto todo lo que llevas en el bolso, en especial los llaveros.Como siempre un post genial Andy.Besos desde México.

  5. Have to have my wallet, keys, phone and lipgloss! Feel naked without all of those! You must hve a rather large bag! :)Dree xxstyle-on-sea.blogspot.com

  6. same ipodused to have the same phone (have a newer version now)2 chanel items (eyeshadow in my case though: le bronze and frou frou)a cameraI aways carry something to read with me. book or a magazine.

  7. I love these kind of posts- lovely handbag things- always love the ysl and chanel packaging! Mine is similar ipod, keys, small camera, lipglosses, iphone and weirdly peppermint tea bags!….fashion clocked Would really love it if you called by. Katie.xx

  8. Pamela:Its a sort of barbie pink, really light shade of barbie pink, Ill show later :)xoxoanonymous:the wallet is from RIVER ISLANDX

  9. fantastic! your blog is very interesting.What I put in my bag? much more. we put an umbrella (even in summer!), book to read at times dead, diskettes remove enamel and much more .. : D poor and poor bags behind us! :)http://silviemelancolique.blogspot.com/ VISIT ME! bye bye :*

  10. I have also my agenda most of the times with me, but I can't leave without my moleskine. All the useful information are in there!My bag is always fully of the same things. And heavy, really heavy!!!xoxohttp://kellysboudoir.blogspot.com

  11. LOLZ! The essentials! hehe, mine's pretty much the same…besides the camera…i destroyed the last one i had in my bag lolz! hehehxxwww.thestylingbee.blogspot.com

  12. I have your Blackberry model since 2 years..it's great!In my bag there are a lot of my house..I prefer tote bag,as my Louis Vuitton Neverfull, because I can have with me all of that I need..I'm sorry,but I'm italian and I don't speak english very well..XD See you..

  13. Yes; those are all essentials. Having lived in Vancouver, I also never leave my apartment without my vintage suede gloves and my pocket sized umbrella!www.ellecroft.com

  14. my bag is always heavy too!I carry a lot of stuff:1. wallet2. coin purse3. blackberry4. house keys5. sony digital camera6. mints7. wet tissues8. hand cream9. hand sanitizer 10. lipstick11. lipgloss12. mirror13. notebook + pen14. ipod15. book/magazineXx Nazneenwww.neensynaye.blogspot.com

  15. buenos diasssssssAndy como lectora y seguidora tuya me encantaria pedirte un favor: queremos un viedo de Andy en castellano¡¡¡¡ No me digas xk pero me llana de curiosidad oirte hablar castellano.Estaria bien para tus lectoras latinoamericanas y españolas,no?un besoooo

  16. Hola!very cute post:)I'm curious to know what a Mexican girl doing in Amsterdam? did you move because of your work?i'm asking because i lived in 5 different countries:)

  17. Yes, the bags are heavy ;/ Wow a lot of Paris keychains, I have also but form all countries I've been see by now in my life so littel eiffel tower with me :)http://accessorieslovers.blogspot.com/

  18. I always love What's in the bag posts :)Great things you have in your bag :)What camera do you use? I see that one in the bag is canon, but I can't id it. And what is that camera in your hand ? :)(I'm looking for the new one, so any suggestion would be great :) )http://fashion-colorhater.blogspot.com/

  19. graet post! I loved everything. especially the gorgeous purse! I had until recently the exact same blackberry, but switched to Iphone. to tell you the truth im much happier with the iphone, its more comfortable and fun to use…

  20. yeah..living in Holland wihtout an agenda is a crazy thing;)I tried,but after two weeks I needed to get one:)nd the Parisian key chains:sooo Andy haha:)http://thehollygolightly.blogspot.com/

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