I hope you enjoy the video.
P.S- If you live in Germany and you are unable to watch the video on YOUTUBE, here is the link to my FACEBOOK fan page, you can view it there :).

Espero que disfruten el video.


What was I wearing?

Blazer: ZARA
Blue shoes: RIVER ISLAND

“Music by Mumford & Sons”

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175 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY CLOSET!

  1. I love it when bloggers speak :) It makes them seem more real. I loved this video, Your closet is really nicely organized it's pretty :) <3

  2. Thank you for the wonderful tour. This really inspired me to clean out my closet and reorganize everything. Must get started over the weekend – I love having everything neat and organized but somehow I never manage to do it with in closet…it's always messy >.<Oh and I loooooove the wallpaper in your room!

  3. Me ha encantado el video Andy!! :) Podrías decirme de dónde es el vestido vaquero con escote corazón?? Me ha encantado!! Un beso muy grande desde Madrid! :)

  4. wow! tu tienes un cuarto fantastico de ropa..y yo un pedazo de madera… ademas esos zapatos marc jacobs son <3 amoree total.


  6. Aw, love the video! Thanks for sharing. Can you show us what you were saying about the other pairs of shoes? I really want to hear what you said about the shiny sneakers and the black boots. Both are very cute!

  7. Danielle,It was definitely me :D, wearing my boots from ZARA and a long beige trenchcoat??? next time, come say hi!honey :D !!XOXOAndy

  8. Hiiii Andy!Could I be I saw you in Amsterdam today? I recognised your beautiful shoes from Zara and thought I saw you, but I could be so wrong. Would be cool though, because you're a big inspiration for me. XOXOXOps. love your closet!

  9. Wow!!! You are amazing Andy..So, So cute!!!! <3Dream Closet <3If you have time, check out my blog..i would love have a coment from you :))www.chloemarieantoinete.blogspot.comXoXo,Chloe Marie Antoinete<3

  10. OMG. I love your closet :) You are SO SO SO SO beautifull, sweet etc.:D:D You are my fashion inspiration:)Katarina from Poland:)

  11. hi andy!i found your blog recently and i absolutely love it!i would also like to see a post of your place!keep up the good work!you are fantastic!xoxo

  12. ojalá tuviera un closet tan lleno como el tuyo! :) hermoso el video! sos super simpatica! ansiosa ya de ver más!

  13. wow you've got an amazing closet!!i've really like this video, i want more!!I'm jealous of your clogs, it's so difficult to find clogs pretty and not expensive!xoxo, célia (sorry for my language, i'm belgian!)

  14. I've been following your blog for a long time now and I'm loving that you're more and more interactive with your audience because of the videos that you post. I always love seeing other people's wardrobes, and yours is one that I admire. Keep up the hype! :)

  15. Super cool. Really loved it. You know, I was thinking that since you make many DIYs why don't you make a video so one? such as one of those skirts. I'm sure it could be amazing. Anyway, I really loved this video and the box where you keep your jewelery is so cute :)-The Trendy Fashionistahttp://thetrendyfashionista.blogspot.com

  16. Love the video! You should tell us where you keep all your tights and socks, belts, hats, scarfs, bags, etc. You know, like more closet tips. But thanks for the lovely closet tour!

  17. i can´t watch the video! =(("Contains content from UMG and is therefor not available in your country (Germany)") But i think it is grerat that you are trying to fix it <3

  18. i love looking inside other peoples closets! i find them so interesting, they say so much about a person :)i love that denim body con dress!! :D where is it from?

  19. aghh. I love your closet – its walk in – and soo neat and tidy… I'm having a major clear out at the moment, and then saving up for a big pending spree before summer – looking forward to it. but it would be much easier if you just gave me all of your clothes – haha, yup, i want them that much.lacherinoir.blogspot.com

  20. there's quite a lot of colour in your closet…at least compared to mine which is basically all black and white hand a hint of blue. but i guess thats because our styles are different. but that's not a bad thing. its's all about diversity, isn't it?that vintage blazer of yours is pretty amazing. and hoooow cool is your wallpaper?!

  21. Hi Andy!!!!!So I just started reading your blog a couple days ago, thanks to your fellow blogger Chiara. I have been following her for a while already and through her last post I found yours! Im still trying to read all of your post from the beginning and I already absolutely LOVE your blog!! You give me so many fashion ideas and this last video blog of your closet was great. I am also a mexican but born in LA and now living in SF. I have to say you probably have one of the best jobs a girl can have. What made you move to Amsterdam in the first place? Well, just wanted to stop by and introduce myself and just say that you now have a new follower and cant wait to keep reading your blog!! Xoxo Roxanne

  22. Me a gustado mucho el video! gracias por mostrarnos un poquito más de ti!Se ve que eres muy ordenada! jajaBesitoos (:

  23. Andy, darling, that was SO inspiring. I think my favorite part was how you use the french macaroon boxes to hold your jewelry. How creative! xo

  24. I really like it!! it's so big. I love all your rings and the blue shoes are so nice. and… I want a closet like this!!!xx

  25. hey Andiunfortunately, i can't see the video.it isn't available in germany :(would be so good if you upload it again.because i would like to see you closet finally ;)x

  26. oh, it was really nice to see ur closet!so are you studying in amsterdam or working already? what a freelance stylist actually do? how can you afford all this cool clothes you've got?I haven't read your blog very much yet so it may be possible that you've already told about this stuff I'm now asking you. So I apologize! :)if you want you can check my blog madeininspiration.blogspot.com it's still in finnish but I'm thinking right now about writing it in English too.your style is perfect, I think. what do you think yourself about it btw? people usually see own style so different than others.~Millabella

  27. Hi guys! I am trying to see what I an fix so that you can watch in Germany… I will keep you posted! :DLoveAndy

  28. Hi Andy; soy Tatiana vivo en argentina. Me gusta como te vestís. Me parece que siempre estas vestida Justo para la ocasión. Me gustaría que me des unos consejos acerca de que ponerme para una fiesta que tengo que es muy importante para mi. [email protected] si me podes agregar estaría muy contenta. necesito tu ayuda! Un beso Gracias por el vídeo es muy bonito :)Taty ♥

  29. hey andy, just wanna let yyou know that the video isnt available in germany, youtube says, thats got a "cont of UMG" dont know what that is, but hope you could check it,im kinda sad, i'd love to see your closet =(xx

  30. Hi sweetheart! I loved your closet, thank you for sharing! I think your H&M patches jeans are great ;)You've got a great sense of style and very unique. Would you tell me what nail polish are you wearing in the video? thank you!

  31. Oh no! The video isn't available in my country (Germany), because it contains content of UMG. The message is written on youtube!Maybe you can use other songs in the future, so that all countries can see it? That would be perfect, because I would like to see your closet very much! :)

  32. Andy your closet is really well organized, I adore your blazers, especially the striped, and your shoes!I really like this video!It is so much interesting watching how you live, your room is really cute! Lots of love Andy!!♥Lorena

  33. Your closet looks amazing! And your English is really good :) How long are you in Amsterdam? I live in Antwerp currently and amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in holland x(misschien kan ik ook gewoon in nedelands schrijven:) )

  34. hi Andy! it's the first time for me to write u but i have to do this coz i really like your blog! Your closet is such amazing! i'm obsessed too of separated all the stuff in place,so i can find them just a little bit quickly a! i'm from Italy but my mother is from Mexico so we have smt in common!! i saw your post of the mexico's trip and i really miss so much all these place!! U are great! oxoxoxo

  35. Hi! Just fuond your blog a cuople of days ago, and I just wanted to say that I love how you put so much time and effort in it, as those videos f.ex. keep up the good work! :)

  36. OMG the video is great! Thank you so much for the inspiration!How did u find such a nice house in Amsterdam?it's so difficult, i'm on the hunt for months already and I still can't find anything…any advice???Love you blog!check my one out ifu like http://beatrice-tala.blogspot.com/

  37. andy you're such a cutie! i love your accent.. it seems like it's a mixture of a few different nationalities. xhttp://fashionpost-it.blogspot.com/

  38. Andy thank you so much for this video, I love all of you're videos actually! lolYou know the shoes that you said are not so comfortable as they seem? I have them too, well not those but they are really exactly the same and yes I confirm, they are not very comfortable :/ but I love them the same :)I love you're whole closet, wish I had so much stuff like you!xoxo

  39. Love this video!I really want a Laduree box just to keep my jewellery like you!Love the Jackson holder tookisses from Romehttp://romanusmodusvivendi.blogspot.com

  40. Dear Andy, i find yor closet adorable as you are! You have such a natural behaviur when you are in front of the camera and that's hardly to find! I hope you'll keep being this way!Love you and Style Scapbook sooo much!!Kisses from Italy..MariaPs: I have the sabe blazer! :)

  41. Omg, I love your closet tour!! If I get a bigger house with a room extra that room should definitely be my walk in closet!!

  42. I wil see if I cant find out why you guys cant watch it in Germany.I have no clue what UMG means but I will try to fix it :)XOXO

  43. i can't watch it :( "it contains content of UMG", so it isn't available any longer in my country (germany). S U C K S ! but i'm sure i'd have loved it : )

  44. I adore your striped blazer from Zara and your clogs from River Island, I've been looking for clogs for such a long time, so I'll try to find a pair at River Island soon. And it's so cute that you keep your jewellery in a Laduree box, haha.xox

  45. im so jealous on the others, because here in germany we cant watch it, because it has content by UMG; what ever that means :(

  46. I loved it!! great video, love your accent and I adore your closet. Some pieces are definitely to die for! just amazing.

  47. What a WONDERFUL wardrobe! Thank you so much for this inspiring video! (and I own some of the same pieces, like the striped blazer and the suede zara boots!)I'm glad to see that you sew! I sew for myself since I was twelve. I have a sewing blog and recently started a wardrobe blog…Hugs from Portugal!

  48. Great video and great dressing too, I just love your style :D The blue shoes you're wearing look wonderful ! Thanks for sharing, I wish I could have a big room for my clothes and fashion stuffs, one day ;-) XoXo

  49. hi Andy… I love this video…I see my dresses in your cupboard..it's funny we love the same clothes my blog ishttp://brushwoman.blogspot.com/Hi silvia from Milan

  50. Guauuu me has recordado a Jenny de la serie "The L Word" no se si la conoces.Tu, tu casa y tu ropa fantastica!Saludos desde España (aqui tamabiñen gace frio y llueve).

  51. I really love your closet! Looks a bit like mine with all the blazers :) And I love the video, it is nicely put together! Keep up the good work!XOXO IrisFashionzen.blogspot.com

  52. Wow I really really really loved this video!You give me soo much inspiration!Haha and now I saw your closet I wanna run to the city to shop alot!Hahaha! Look what you're doing to me!Girl go on likes this!And I like to see more and more videos of you!

  53. I loved this post! You're so cretive nd hve lods of great pieces! The Michael Jackson jewellry rack is genius! Thanks for sharing this with us!Dree xxStyle-on-sea.blogspot.com

  54. this is amazing! saw your tweet first thing in the morning and couldn't wait to watch it :) looooove your closet, OMG, every girls dream! I am sooo making sure my next apartment has a spare room for a walk-in closet!!love the videos, keep 'em coming!!xox VickyBikinis & Passports

  55. You are so adorable Andy and I totally loved the video and sneaking a peak into your closet! Much love xhttp://enya-abeautifulmess.blogspot.com/

  56. Hola guapa, me uno a tus seguidoras desde que te vi en el blog de Chiara, y me encantan tus videos! Tengo que decirte que me encanta tu piso, es precioso, ideal, monísimo…yo creo que voy a necesitar mas espacio para mi ropa, pero pienso que tal vez es cuestión de organización, ordenando cabe todo, asi que un día me tengo que poner a ordenar y hacer limpieza, tengo una pagina de venta donde vendo mi ropita..de momento he vendido cuatro cosas, y creo que voy a añadir mas a la lista. Un placer conocerte, un beso grande desde Madrid.pd: has estado alguna vez en España?

  57. Oh my god,you have not a wardrobe-a dream;)While buyin a new appartment always look if there is a little room to make it your wardrobe;)))haha..but the best:oh,that your sewing machine is also in the holy room..that gives it such a vreative sound..I sew in the kitchen or in my room..nithing special haha:)http://thehollygolightly.blogspot.com/

  58. Oh! I´m so curios, but i can´t watch the video! ("Contains content from UMG and is therefor not available in your country (Germany)") Perhaps you can fix this!

  59. Wow, me encantó tu closet!!Super organizado … ya me quiero cambiar de casa para poder organizar mi closet así como lo tenía en la casa donde crecí.y btw, me fascinó el wallpaper.Fernanda Lucila

  60. wow, super organizado tu closet!yo ya me quiero cambiar de casa para poder tener mi closet organizado como siempre lo tuve en donde crecí…y btw, me encantó el wallpaper de tu closet

  61. amazing closet and selection of clothes! Btw, I have the same exact Singer sewing machine like yours! =DXx Nazneenwww.neensynaye.blogspot.com

  62. I loved the video. I think it's wonderful that you show us a little more about you.Almost always the blazer that I try not too long and fall short, and ended without buying them for that reason. I understood completely.I also loved the shoes.xoxothe-fashion-notes.blogspot.com

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