I had a pretty busy day yesterday.

It all started off with Coke Light’s breakfast for the launch of their designer collaboration bottle (pics coming later, don’t miss it!), then I was off to River Island to pick few clothes and where I spend hours trying stuff on.

I ended up with 3 shopping bags, a goodie bad, my mac, my canon and my purse so I had to go all the way back to my flat to drop all of that and then off to the center again.

Went back to a PR agency to give back some stuff and then off to the DIESEL showroom to check out their fall winter collection, which is actually for sale from today! :) (pics also coming later today).

Today on the other hand, I am taking it easy, cleaning my apartment and leaving it showroom “zen” like :P, organizing some new stuff that I got, fixing and sewing some other items and later today I am off to spend the day with Sabrina (afterDRK) and after that, we are going to the I LOVE FASHION NEWS birthday bash @ Jimmy Woo tonight, are you also coming?


Que dia….

Ayer tuve un día ocupadisimo, esos de los que te dejan los pies a doloridos y los brazos sin fuerzas de cargar nada mas.
Todo empezó con el desayuno de Coca light para lanzar su nueva bottela diseñada por Manolo Blahnik, de ahi me fui a River Island a probarme algunas cosas que me habían gustado, no es tan fácil encontrar cosas de mi gusto ahí, pero hay veces en las que encuentro algunos tesoros.

El chiste es que termine cargando 3 bolsas llenas de ropa (no, no despilfarro el dinero, todo es gracias al año de ropa gratis que me gane en River Island :), mi computadora, mi cámara y mi bolsa.
Ya no podia cargar un gramo mas, hasta el brazo se me había entumido así que tuve que regresar a mi depa a botar todo y regresarme al centro para visitar el showroom de DIESEL.

Para ese entonces ya me habían empezado los achaques de la gripa otra vez, ¡que felicidad!, así que le llame a mi novio y le rogué que me acompañara para regresarnos juntos.

En fin, después de la larga historia sobre mi día, hoy ya me siento mejor y al menos logramos tomar algunas fotos, espero que les gusten :D.


Yellow pants: VINTAGE
Tanktop: Bershka
Blazer: ZARA
Belt: Moschino


76 thoughts on “TODAY’S OUTFIT

  1. All of your looks are ah-mazing. I'm obsessed w/ your blog (:Please tell me where your shoes are from…they are fabulous!!xxJen

  2. totalmente de acuerdo! yo también me he comprado una marroncita como de piel envejecida en Pull & Bear :) es muy cómoda!un besin

  3. I have the same belt and jacket and i really like your idea to combine them with a yellow pants! Great look and cool pics!

  4. so perfect. you look amazing in trousers like these ones, and the floral ones in your previous post. and i still lust for that belt!xx

  5. this is my favourite post of yourshaha what a bold statement i knowbut i love your toe nails and shoes and pants and jacket and your poses haha i dont know this is just so inspirational i LOVE it

  6. I adore the blazer- so givinchey inspired, and the backpack is so cute.i recently got a little black leather one, and I can't stop using

  7. No estoy muy segura del regreso de las backpack? en realidad te gustan a ti?Lindo el pantalon amarillo! =)

  8. love those pants. they are great. jealous of all your fun fashion endeavors.xoxo, <– texas gal bloggin fashion from nyc!

  9. supergaaf, die blazer is echt fantastisch! Ik zag je filmpje over je closet, AMAZING. Wat een items, want een kleren + schoenen geweldig.lots of love.

  10. I love your gorgeous yellow pantalones and all your fotos! super cute Andy! cant wait to see fotos de todos los events de los que fuiste! Ten un bonito dia!

  11. When i'll be' in Amsterdam i'll absolutly have to go for take a look to river island's shop.. All their stuff Are amazing,they're simple with smt special at the same way! Andy u're such an amazing girl! Everytime there's nothing wrong in your oufit..! Love your blazer's shoulders!! I thought that u sew them on it,isn't it? Xoxoxoxo

  12. Love it! It's so funny, because I'm wearing similar clothes with similar colors and different brands! Maybe I should take some pictures today and post them comparde to your outfit! Funny! Didn't saw it befor my today's choice … Same taste! *haha*One question: You're studying in Amsterdam, right? What exactely are you studying? Thinking about to study in Amsterdam in the future and need some inspiration and advices. :) Would love to hear something from you!

  13. Cute outfit dear – I love that belt and the blazer! hah looks like you had a nice day :)http://bubbbbbbaf.blogspot.comwould really like to hear from u

  14. love the shoes! i so envy you for allthe things you have to do…i have to say, havin one thing you have to do all day is boring…i have to study bcs i'm having an exams in this period….lucky you!

  15. Oh, i love it when you have productive days! Such a sense of achievement :DBut I really, really like this outfit – very comfortable looking yet smart and edgy… I think it's the jacket that makes it look this way. Lovely outfit :)

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