These pics were snapped the day I shot the video, I quickly changed the outfit to go to town for some groceries but left the same tee.

This outfit is nothing special, just something very casual and comfy, but then again, I cant dress up every day, I need my casual days as well :P.
I hope you like the pics anyway!

Anything planned for the weekend?

Estas fotos las tome el dia que grabe el video. Como tenia que ir al super, me cambie de ropa y me deje la misma playera.

El outfit no es nada especial, al contrario, es algo muy casual y comodo, pero todos tenemos esos días en los que quieres andar con lo mas cómodo de todo tu armario no?
Espero que les gusten las fotos.

¿Tienen algo planeado para este fin de semana?


T-shirt: PIGCHIC
Boots: ZARA
Trench: H&M Trend collection
Sunnies: Dolce Gabbana
Python bag: YAZ Paris


97 thoughts on “IN THE ARMY

  1. Heee dat is in amstelveen, mijn woonplaats! wat leuk :) Ik zat in het gebouw op de achtergrond, de bibliotheek, te leren op dat moment geloof ik!

  2. Hi Andy!I've one question.Tell me, Which beauty product you use for your face? And exactly, What cosmetic makeup washes?? You have beautiful skin! Please, answer me!Rota

  3. I'm in love with that trench coat! Nice casual outfit, but so stylish still!Dree

  4. Love the tee, casual but very chic!! Love your videos, its inspiring me to maybe try my own some day soon :)vicki xo

  5. Hi Andy!I'd like to know what's the tint of your air..I love it!do you dye it or it's your natural color?I would like to reproduce it!Thank you so much!

  6. u can say whatever u want about the outfit but it is AMAZING!! tHE TRENCH is adorable!!! Not even to mention the place where pics were taken!!! Im so jelaous!!

  7. Even when you dress comfty you still look stylish!

  8. I am so glad I didn`t study today, instead I was "traveling" around the world, discovering new people. So, I found you, all the way from Paris and [email protected] Muse, I came to you. And I had such a great time browsing your blog, and feasting my eyes with your amazing outfits. I enjoyed your "My closet" video post so much. And yes, it is better to be cold and stylish than warm and frumpy :)… looking forward to read you again :)

  9. I dont think you gotta be sorry for not dressing up each day! The reason I follow your blog and Chiara's one is because you two know how to wear the perfect thing for each ocassion. Sometimes it's more difficult to wear casual outfits that look alright than to get dress for going out at night or to a special event.I have to say also that I was very pleased to see your closet video. When I see your blogs, and all your photographs, and all the events you go to, I always think that I don't have so many things as you. But today you've proved me wrong. I do have quite a lot of stuff (not Channel or Y&L stuff, just H&M, Zara, etc..) but the thing is a I haven´t got it really organised, and that's the main problem. I think you've teach us a lesson today. Is just a question of being organised and knowing what you have in you closet.So, sorry for my long comment, but I really wanted to say thank you, because its not easy to have a blog updated every day. And I really think you're doing a great job.Kisses from Spain.PD: Remember that the people that follow you are in general normal people with normal lives. We don't go normaly to many events, therefore, we usually wear casual clothes, therefore is really useful to see you so pretty is such casual outfits. I think it helps us so much!Enhorabuena otra vez por tu blog, y mucho ánimo.

  10. LOVE that trench! i watched your closet video and I feel like the stuff you find at H&M does not exist at NYC H&Ms unfortunately…xoxo, <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  11. I love your outfit… casual look is also a good look :)well, my weekeng will be great in the most bigger academic party in Portugal… "Burning Ribbons" in Oporto city…tonight it´s the last night so I will be there :pand you?kiss from Portugal***márcia*

  12. Hola Andy! soy Serenaa, en youtube, RODARKE, que te pregunte por el prog de hacer los videos, decirte que tu blog, es para mi de todos los que visito el que mas me gusta, ademas de el estilazo que tienes, porque no es tan tan de moda, se ve muy familiar! bueno, que pases un muy buen fin de semana guapa, besitos!

  13. I love your casual outfits too.Nice theme and i like the pin up girls [so 40's].Have a nice weekend!Chara

  14. Very nice T-shirt, it reminds me those of Chiara aka The Blonde Salad, with Chanel bags, so originals ! I love casual outfits too, you're absolutely right, it's so comfy ! And you're really in the trend of the moment, with an army look ! Congrats ;)

  15. ¡Hola Andy! ¿Cómo estás? se te ve genial y muy guapa en las fotos, irás cómoda y todo lo que tu dices pero siempre perfecta :) te leo desde hace tiempo y me encantan tus vídeos. Muchos besos y espero leerte y escribirte muchisisismo mas jejee, besos.María

  16. Andy me encantaaaaaaaaa la camiseta y el jersey, es de la nueva temporada de H&M?Y tengo esos botines de Zara, pero e negro, me quedé con las ganas de comprármelos en ese color…Gracias por decirme el título de la canción del video "A new girl in town"!No cambies nunca, en serio.Por cierto, lo que tú tienes no es un armario, es un vestidor jajja, que envidio.Un besito enormeeeeee!

  17. Even though this outfit is very casual I still love it. That shoot with the car is really cool.Have a great weekend-The Trendy Fashionista

  18. love this outfit! sometimes it is the casual outfits that i like most – i can relate to them more… i'm quite a casual girl. seriously loving that t-shirt and bag. where is the cardigan from??xx

  19. Andy, you look great even casual and we all need casual days….some more than others! Catita

  20. A mí me encanta este look, quizá porque es lo que suelo llevar yo y me inspira más para el día a día.Un besito

  21. Hi Andy,I really love your blog and your style! I've seen you on the River Island fashion show, and from that momemt I became fan! Keep up the good work! xoxo Iris

  22. I love the photos,you look great as usual!I am gonna spend my weekend with uni work :( and house viewing this afternoon :Dhave a lovely weekend Andy <3Cherylxoxo

  23. pues aunque este casual te ves super bien! me encanta lo camaleonico que peude ser tu estilo, muy bien por ti andy:)ten un lindo fin de semana!xoxo

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