Face hunting Yvan with his own camera

Yvan and I at his book signing

Old pic of Yvan and I at Paris Fashion Week

I am sorry for neglecting the blog these past few days, you know I don’t normally do that but I was pretty busy this weekend.

I dont want to bore you with to much text, so I posted lots of images of my weekend.

Yvan was in town for his book signing, so we met up again and had a super fun weekend.
All I can say is that a boat ride under the pouring rain turned out to be more fun that I thought, even if my purse ended up soaked and I had to cover it with a “not so fashionable” plastic bag.
I had to get on a boat with a mini skirt and 12 cm high heels on (not an easy task), but Yvan managed to get me safe on board in the end, we had drinks with strawberries, tried to find decent places to have lunch, ate Mexican food for dinner and walked under the rain without an umbrella (pardon my hairdo in the last few pictures), that was mother nature’s fault, not to mention that I killed my feet walking on those high heels all day on Saturday, Oh well, it was fun anyway.

I am off to London tomorrow and hope I can update from there everyday, promise to take lots of pictures and keep you guys updated in every move I make.


Perdón por la falta de actualizaciones este fin de Semana pero Yvan estuvo en Amsterdam para firmar copias de su libro y nos aventuramos a re-descubrir la ciudad y encontrar algunas caras para “cazar”.

No los quiero aburrir con mucho texto así que puse muchas imágenes de nuestro fin de semana, lo único que puedo decir es que un tour en una lancha bajo la lluvia torrencial ha sido una de las cosas mas divertidas que he hecho, aunque no se escuche muy cómodo, sin contar con que me tuve que subir a la lancha con una minifalda y unos taconazos de 12 cm.
Tomamos proseco, comimos fresas, nos empapamos y terminamos cenando en una restaurante Mexicano.
Al dia siguiente llovió peor, así que entre buscar una tienda para comprar una sombrilla, encontrar un lugar decente para comer, caminar bajo la lluvia y platicar por horas, se nos fue el día.

Yo me voy a Londres mañana y les prometo tenerlos mas actualizados de cada cosa que haga, así que esperen muchas fotos al estilo Londinense :D


Trench coat (first pics): Queens wardrobe
Beige boots:
Beige leather bag: KIPLING



  1. drinks with strawberries? yvan? 12 cm high heels? london tomorrow? YOU ARE SOOOO SO LUCKY, ANDY! ♥the photos are so funny, you and him look good together :)

  2. Andy me encantan tus botitaas! y tu bolsa tambieen.estan divertidisiimas las fotos como siempree.. tu te ves bellisimaa..espero las fotoss de londres wapa!

  3. Hi dear Andy! these pics are so funny, I love them! Ps: Ps: I used a photo of you for my latest post hope you don't worry about it!Kisses from Italy ;)

  4. I love that picture where you are face hunting Yvan. Your new trench coat is FABULOUS :) Enjoy your time in London, can't wait to see the pics. Btw, we really missed you these last days.-The Trendy Fashionista

  5. Andy, those ankle-boots are awesome and i love the combination with that trench coat! :)i´ve been following you, you have here a fan from Portugal!i´d love to have you among my followers of my style diary:www.mirandastyleatbreakfast.blogspot.comlove,Miranda

  6. Andyy we missed you and Im so happy to read you and to see you again!!and once again: im in love with your outfit Trench/heels!!you ROCK!!xoxo

  7. love the pictures :)i was wondering if you could tell me what is the name of your camera? also do you know the name of the camera that yvan uses? i would love to know! thanks :) xx

  8. Oh wow, these photos are amazing Andy, and you look so good with that Trench. I always loved FaceHunter!!Shonwer

  9. My brother was also by Evan his book signing. He told me you photographed him a few times! Nice pictures :)x

  10. Look like you had a fun weekend :) I wonder how did you get off the boat at the end though?XDand how long you staying in london for?Cheryl xoxo

  11. missed having your lovely posts, but you look like you've had so much fun! great pics!Dree

  12. the pics are great – you look amazing and watching the photos is so much fun :-) wanna see more :Dtake a look at my cute, little blog ;-)<3

  13. love the trench coat :)Looks like you had tons of fun! I wish I could meet Yvan. I'm such a fan of his photography. Have fun in London. Can't wait to see more photos.Xx

  14. Looks like you had a good time :) I love love love your shoes. I'm sure you'll have a good time here in England, especially if you're in London! <3

  15. I can imagine your troubles with those heels, I killed my legs previous weekend too:)) I love u and Yvan when u're 2gether :) Can't wait for new post from London.

  16. Looks like such a fun weekend! And the mini dress is great!Stop by my new fashion bloginfineform.blogspot.comI'd love to hear your comments!xoxo

  17. You look good even with those furry hair!!!! Have fun in London babe!!!eli

  18. Hola Andy!!!!!!!!Saludos desde España!!!!Acabo de descubrir tu blog y ya me he hecho más que fan!!!!!!Unas fotos fantasticas! Yo soy super novata en esto pero te dejo mi blog por si te apetece echarle un ojo y seguirme!Seria un honor!

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