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  1. It's the first time I look at your blog and it seems really interesting. do u live in Amsterdam? me too…I loved the sentence abt the weather…. it made me smile…=)dank u wel!tot ziens

  2. amazing picture andy! i really really love that skirt. p.s. we always say that about the weather where i live (indiana)!

  3. you look great in long skirts!yeah i totally understand what you mean with the dutch weather haha, This weekend it's going to be much and much warmer :D

  4. Me encanta tu blog, me inspiro en muchos de tus atuendos en esos dias que te levantas y decis "no tengo absolutamente nada en el closet".Un beso enorme desde Argentina.P.d: suerte en Londres… algun dia llegare

  5. you look stunning sweetie!!I spend a summer in Hilversum a couple years back and everyone warned me about the weather, funny thing is, I have never really had a summer that nice :) I rained a total of about 4 times!xox VickyBikinis & Passports

  6. Great skirt! The weather is exactly the same here in Melbourne (Australia. Have like all four seasons in one day! xx

  7. Ugh, once again I ADORE your outfit! Gorgeous backdrop too – I love Amsterdam so much and try to visit at least once a year!! I will keep my eyes peeled for you next time i'm there! ;)Little Rachael VintageHttp://littlerachaelvintage.blogspot.com

  8. I reeeaally love that pic! <3 And I love it how you combinate the long skirt with your sandals!myvisualillusions.blogspot.com

  9. first: great look, i love the assocation with the skirt!and ahah well it was after a show when we were all frizing in front of "palais de tokio" ..you took pictures of my friends and me, then you stayed with him! i've forgotten this and i just have found your blog now!! :)

  10. This is gorgeous! I love your outfit and you look tiny! Jealous since I've been eating all unhealthy gross food since I've gotten to London (not that it's all gross, I just don't know where to go and I usually eat organic when I'm home). If anyone has suggestions of healthy places to eat in London (that are hopefully cheap) let me know! You can contact me on my new fashion bloginfineform.blogspot.comxoxoxo

  11. Me encanta el look! Pero no entiendo una cosa..si hacia mal dia, cómo es que te pusiste sandalias? Te empaparias los pies! hahaBesitas linda (:

  12. hahaha, that is soo true!I'm from Holland, I hate the weather atm, it's way to cold for May :(You like it in Amsterdam? You are in Amsterdam right (as far as I can see it on the picture)?♥ agirlcandream-myrthe.blogspot.com ♥

  13. Oh I saw these on Facehunter this afternoon. I really admire the angle of these shots, perfectly compliments your height and the length of the maxi skirt.

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