As you probably read in a previous post, I went to the DIESEL showroom last week to check out their new Fall/winter collection, as a matter of fact, all the pieces that I saw in there are for sale as in from last friday, so if there is anything you like, you wont have to wait until fall to get them.

My favorites were the face printed tee and the sneakers, loved them!

As in for the outfit in the pics, you have seen it already :P


Como ya les había dicho el otro día, la semana pasada me invitaron al showroom de DIESEL a checar la colección de otoño/invierno.
Todo salió a la venta desde el viernes pasado, así que si te gusta algo, no te tienes que esperar hasta el otoño para comprarlo.
Mis favoritos fueron la playera en la 4ta foto y los tenis.

P.S- Y como esto fue la semana pasada, el outfit en las fotos ya lo han visto antes :P

♥ Andy


75 thoughts on “DIESEL SHOWROOM

  1. ANDY!YOURE IN THE GERMAN GRAZIA FOR STREETSTYLE!i was soooo happy for you to see you there!YOURE GREAT! and yoyur outfit was the best ;)

  2. usually I'm not a fan of Diesal, but this collection looks pretty cool and rock inspired. Still love your outfit!Dree xxstyle-on-sea.blogspot.com

  3. Lucky! I love Diesel more and more every time I see their collections. And the photo with the "I'm with stupid" sign is super duper adorable! Your blog makes me smile.girlwiththeflower.blogspot.com

  4. Can't wait to have it in Belgium!I was wondering if you could make a post talking about your beauty products, make up… That will be amazing!

  5. Anonymous:I bought 2 maxi dresses, one size 36 but It wasn't as long as I wanted it, because I wanted to wear it with a belt and I bought a 38, which is REALLY MAXI and long, the one on the picture few weeks ago (purple with white stripes) is a size 38, which is really big for me but I like that dress oversized :D.XOXO

  6. Hey Andy, ich have one question! What size is your maxi dress from hm? Because I´m also 180 ;) and I dont know if it fits well. I have S and i´m thinking about changing it for M because of the length!

  7. this new collection is pretty cool, isn't it? your outfits are always such a creative piece of art, literally love them! hope to be able to sew a lot more in the future! : )rigidgoddess.blogspot.com

  8. And that is my favorite blazer of the season… alraedy tried them on in Zara and I love them! :) Due to some crazy shopping sprees I am putting off buying it till next month though (and than probably it will be on SALE anyway! :)xxxhttp://gypsy-diaries.blogspot.com

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