Spring has finally arrived, but is it here to stay?

This is what I wore yesterday, something very casual, very simple and very comfy.

I will be around town with Sabrina all day, trying to find a birthday present and it better be warm because my outfit is meant for the summer.
I gotta run now but will try to post more pics later :D.


La primavera por fin ha llegado ;)

Esto es lo que me puse ayer, algo super casual, super simple y super comodo.
Hoy me la voy a pasar en el centro tratando de encontrar un regalo de cumpleaños, desame suerte :D

Long sleeveless cardigan: SEVENTH DOOR
Jeans: ZARA


93 thoughts on “CASUAL FRIDAY

  1. really awesome pictures andy, and this is the perfect casual outfit! i love how you rolled up your jeans to show off your sandals.

  2. Looks like you're having a great time enjoying the weather. And the shoes are marvelous! Perfect summer daytime flats :-)I'm sure you're very busy but I've got my first ever trip to Europe approaching (I'm going to Barcelona, London, Paris, Prague, and Rome – I'm from Chicago in the United States) and if you (or anyone else reading this comment)have any suggestions at all of wonderful fashion-esque places to visit they would be much appreciated! I want to see as much as possible, and hopefully come home with a suitcase full of new clothes ;-) I completely understand if you have a full plate, but I would love hearing anything at all that you have to share. You can keep in contact via my brand new fashion blog (that was actually inspired by you!) infineform.blogspot.comThanks so much! Keep up the great work you are truly amazing!!Have a great weekend, xoxoxoxo

  3. el look es perfecto!!!! y las fotos increíbles!!!!mucha suerte en la búsqueda del regalo perfecto para tu novio!!!!

  4. hii!que bonitas fotos andy, estan super cool :)aqui la primavera llega hace milenios pero el calor esta insoportable, lo que daria por tener esas temperaturas!..suerte con el regalo :)

  5. The shirt is just totally neat and cool. My favorite pic is the black/white one. You loo gorgeous as always.

  6. Me encanta este outfit!!!. De hecho creo que ha sido el que más me ha gustado de todos tus outfits (que me encantan). Lo que pasa es que yo soy más del tipo natural entonces creo que la comodidad tiene que anteponerse a cualquier cosa. Estilo y glamour no son sinónimo de incomodidad, no crees, Andy???.Saludos desde México y felicidades.I just love your blog!!!.

  7. great outfit,you are my fav blogger since last August,but I have to say that your old posts when you were DIYing a lot inspired me much more(after reading your blog I started to sew like a freak).The posts you are writing now are on such a high level..I enjoy everyone of themxoxo

  8. Hey Andy!I'm completely OBSESSED with your blog :)you have such amazing, effortless style and you come across as a so approachable and lovely!I just read on your Twitter that your boyfriend is South African which is so cool cos I'm from SA too! I was born and raised in Cape Town. You guys should really come visit :D its such an amazing city!xxx

  9. you look great in this outfit, how did you wrote it's casual and simply but comfy ! ;Dhave a nice day ;)

  10. OMG I loooove the outfit!!and the plus in this outfit is the hat!!!i have to buy hats for this summer!!!xoxo

  11. I love this outfit..Sometimes we need detoxification and to wear something more casual and comfy..;)Moreover I love how you playing with the light in these photos..It's just amazing effect..xoxoCharaPS: If you have time take a look on my blog.. I hope to find it interesting..

  12. el look es casual pero perfecto y comodo…las sandalias me gustan mucho… Mucha suerte en tus compras

  13. I really love your style. It's simple yet very unique :) It's so nice to have someone who would take you pics every day.. :)

  14. first comment! :D where is that lovely hat of yours from? i've been looking for one like that for ages,great blog :)

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