Pic by Paulina Torres

Pic by Luis Eduardo Torres

And after 6 long days at the beach with my family, I am finally back home.

In other news, I am heading back to Europe in exactly 11 days and even tho, I am loving my time here, I cant wait to get back there and start with all the plans and projects I have in store for you :D.


Después de 6 largos dias en la playa con mi familia, estoy de vuelta en casa.

En otras noticias, me regreso a Europa en exactamente 11 días y aunque me la estoy pasando increíble aquí, también tengo mucha ilusión en regresar y poner en practica todos los planes y proyectos que tengo preparados para ustedes :D.



55 thoughts on “OVER THE RAINBOW

  1. Hi Andy :)Great photos! I love your blog. :) But, I have a question… Do you know about the volcano in Iceland? It has stopped all the flights to Northern Europe, including Amsterdam. I don't know when the flights will be release. I think that in one week everything will be okay… I hope for you, because you might get stuck for a long time if the volcano don't spops erupting. :) then.. Bye bye Andy, love from Italy.

  2. You really look fantastica and you're right, these pictures did turn out pretty cool. I can't wait to see what you have planned for us when you'll go back to Europe. Enjoy your 11 days left-The Trendy Fashionistahttp://thetrendyfashionista.blogspot.com

  3. Really nice pics (: Andy, can I ask you, do you workout? If you do, can you tell me what you do? because you look very fit and I'm trying to get there :P

  4. Beautiful post! Even if it's not fashion, you look so relaxed and happy. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us!Dree xchic-on-sea.blogspot.com

  5. LOLZ! U HAVE A BELLY PIERCING!?!?! OUCH!! LOOKS COOL THO! LOVE THE HEART ON UR BIKINI!XXhttp://www.thestylingbee.blogspot.comhttp://www.thestylingbee.blogspot.comhttp://www.thestylingbee.blogspot.com

  6. Hi Andy! wow, cool pictures! love your bikini and your bod girl ^_^ love your tan too! can't wait for your next update! xoxo

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