Baby, Im back!!!
Yes, I am back in Europe, missing my family like crazy but excited about new projects and even tho my plane arrived at 2pm and I was completely exhausted from a transatlantic trip, I still managed to get dressed up and go into the city for some “welcome back pics”.

No, I didn’t know that my dress was a bit see through until I was outside, pretty embarrassing if you ask me, I should have worn some nude underwear (recommend it if you are planning on getting the dress).

Traducción :

¡¡¡Estoy de regreso!!!
Una vez mas en Europa, extrañando a mi familia demasiado pero feliz con todos los proyectos que tengo planeados.
Después de un vuelo de 10 horas y de esperar casi 4 en el aeropuerto de la ciudad de Mexico, llegue a Amsterdam a las 2 de la tarde, me cambie de ropa y me sali a por la ciudad a tomar algunas fotos para el blog.

No, nunca me di cuenta de que mi vestido nuevo de H&M era casi transparente, hasta que me salí de mi casa, que pena! La próxima vez me pongo panties beige :S (recomendable si piensas comprarte el mismo vestido)


Oversized stripped dress: H&M
Blue Velvet blazer: VINTAGE
Ring: Yves Saint Laurent


112 thoughts on “BABY, IM BACK!

  1. The dress really suits you fantastic!I also have the dress and I´m still trying to figure out how to wear it without showing everything :)Have you figured out yet how to wear it? Is it better with nude underwear?XX Caty

  2. I have this one in b/w, I saw right away that it was see through. It's also very long, can only be worn with heels. I love it, though.Like your blue blazer a lot, it's such a rich color.

  3. hi! I just found your blog through an article from In the summer my plan is to visit Amsterdam, and It would be cool if you could write a "what to do in Amsterdam" list, or something like that.xx

  4. Hi! I've just discovered your blog… Your ring and your style are amazing! I'll surely come backkisses from Italy *.*

  5. I love Amsterdam so much and I love your blog too!!Congratulation…this is my little fashion blog….take a look if you want and tell me what you think!!xoxo

  6. You are in a Spanish magazine!The name is Yo Dona ( article is "Moda in la calle"… I saw it yesterday!The author: I Blog Ramiro E.I don't understand why I am writing in English beacuse you know speak Spanish jajja…If you need more information say me!Kisses :)

  7. Hi Andy!!We heve the same long dress even if mine is black!!I have just posted my outfit photos on my blog. What do you think about my hm long dress interpretation??A kiss from Florence!❤Irene's Closet❤

  8. Thanks guys! You are really sweet!!!!!I am happy to be back!The dress is quite sheer so I am trying to figure out a way to wear it without embarrassing myself in public! :P♥Andy

  9. love the purple stripes on you! it looks fantastic with the velvet blazer.i'm wearing this same dress today too; the all black one!i love it, and yes, it is quite sheer lol. thank god i noticed that before i went out in it.

  10. La vdd no me gusto para nada el vestido:s , no le veo donde esta el diseño , pero para gustos hay muchos (: , q bueno q ya estas por alla y q bueno q tienes un buen de proyectos en mente, un beso!

  11. hola andy, me encanta tu blog, hace un rato que lo sigo y me inspiraste para hacer el mio, la verdad me encanta como te vistes y lograras ser una gran diseñadora.saludos desde Méxicoale

  12. I just saw this dress today and was eager to purchase it until I realized that if was see-through in the store I can just imagine how bad it must outside. Now seeing it on you…I regret not buying it.You look amazing in it :)Lena xoxo

  13. Am in love with VELVET items!! Velvet dresses bags and many other goodies!!I love the blazer am a fanatic when it comes to blazers! And the color just makes me love it even more!!! You amazing!!Great shades and awesome hair!!….have a great weekend!♥

  14. ash Andy! Que envidia! :P Yo me quería comprar el vestido pero negro con blanco la semana pasada pero le hubiera tenido que haber cortado como 30 cms, jajaja!!! Pero tú como siempre: stylista!

  15. ik heb hem ook -net zoals vele anderen- maar dan de zwart/witte variant. ben er echt verliefd op en zal het op het ondergoed letten ;)

  16. hi andy !'m a french reader and i love your blog! i would like to know how much does the ysl ring cost?i adore it!!i want to buy me the same!sorry for my english!! bisous bisous

  17. vas muy guapa y por lo de los pantis ntp en las fotos no se nota nadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D y por lo de comprar no lo creo aqui en mexico ya sabes no hay H&M

  18. Hey andy, luces muy bien en este vestido, está super lindo, oye y no sería que podrías sonreir un poquito? te sienta bien la facha de contenta! =)

  19. I've been thinking about maxi dresses all morning and now you're coming up with this post! how cool ist that?well, thanks for showing us another pretty amazing and fashionable bargain.x

  20. Bienvenida a europa!!! me encanta tu vestido, no se aprecia que se transparenta, no t preocupes!Un besoooSandra

  21. Welcome back Andy! Yesterday I bought that maxidress and I appreciated your underwear advice ;-)kisses from Rome

  22. I really love the outfit as a whole but I particularly love your jacket, such a lovely blue. Lydia xxxx

  23. Un vestido precioso, pero dudo mucho que me quedara bien a mí con mi poquita altura, jejeje. Por suerte en ti se ve estupendo.Saludos

  24. Welcome back!Have the dress in black, but bought it twice because of the little "see through" … but maybe the nude underweare helps. Do you know any store which sells them???

  25. oh em gheethe dress is EPIC. want please!!! and you're quite tall and it still goes past your ankles – win!!welcome back to Europe :D

  26. Welcome back Andy!!hope the trip wasn't too draining, i'm impressed you still managed to do anything with your day!!the boy happy to see you home? =]


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