Pics by Yvan Rodic

I have to say that when this pics surfaced on the internet yesterday, I didn’t think any of you would recognize me until I started getting a bunch of emails, links and comments asking me or letting me know…you guys are good! What gave it away? the eye or the D.I.Y Denim jacket? I think I know the answer already :P.

P.S- for all the questions about the nail polish, its by HEROME called New Delhi.



Cuando aparecieron estas fotos en la web ayer, nunca pensé que nadie me fuera a reconocer, hasta que me empezaron a llegar mails, links y comentarios para preguntarme o avisarme, que buen ojo tienen!
Como supieron que era yo? por el ojo o la chamarra militar? No me digan, creo que ya se la respuesta :P



49 thoughts on “THE EYE

  1. Hi Andy ! I do like your blog ! And the photos are so …. are just AMAZING ! I regret that I couldn't be there, in Paris with you and other fashion bloggers, maybe next year I will be able to get the tickets for Fashion WEEK ? :D I hope so…. you like to visite and leave a comment ? ALL THE BEST !

  2. hi Mo!really nice meeting you yesterday as well! i will go check out your blog now, thanks for posting a link to StyleScrapbook :)thanks fro the Paris wishes! Yvan and I met during Paris fashion week.Stay in touch!XOXO

  3. Hi Andy,It was nice talking to you yesterday @ Boutyq! What did you think of the show? I hope your plans to move to Paris will work out and that you can live the 'paris-fashion-life' most of all!This is my blog: I placed a link to yours in the post on yesterday. Hope to see you at the next event.PS: great pic together with Yvan. Did you guys know eachother already before you went to fashion week?

  4. You'd think the jacket but i actually recognised your eye (how strange), i love these shots.And on your previous post your hair is lovely.Have you heard about my Vogue

  5. Definitely! And I can see it even better in combination with your eyebrow. And if you look closer, you'll recognize it by the nail color too! :D Haha! :)For how long have you been living in Amsterdam??xx

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