my Paris Fashion Week diaries

March 3, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

Miroslava Duma outside the ROCHAS show (shot by me)
She is even prettier in person :)

Swedish blogger & sweetheart Caroline Blomst.

The adorable Hanneli Mustaparta


Me and Denni from THE CHIC MUSE.
We met today and hit the shows, she is adorable not to mention super stylish and her boyfriend as well :). They are both Mexican too, so it was incredibly nice spending the day with fellow mexicans and get to speak spanish again for a change! Please check her amazing blog if you havent seen it, Im sure you will love it.

So my Fashion Week madness began today.
It was a pretty sunny day when I woke up (did I mention that my room has the view of the Eiffel tower??)

I assumed (or maybe just hoped) that since the sun was shinning, it would be warm, but by 5:00, when the ROCHAS show started, it was freezing, leaving no room for wearing a fashionable outfit.
I met Caroline B. from Caroline’s Mode, she is really nice, we shared cards and talked for a while before the editors started arriving, then we were off for some street style shooting.

There was a sea of street style photographers, some took my pic but to be honest I was not so happy about it since my outfit today was nothing special, I was freezing covered in a leopard print faux fur coat, jeans and ankle buckle boots.

While waiting outside ROCHAS, I also saw Scott and Garance Dore, she is so darling and of course took her pic, coming soon!
Met Yvan Rodic from FACE HUNTER , was talking to him about the places I have lived in and how cold Europe was this year!. I was also speaking to Hanneli Mustaparta , she is such a sweetheart and so down to earth :)

Anyway, my first day at Fashion week was amazing! Tomorrow BALMAIN, BARBARA BUI and RICK OWENS, cross our fingers i can snap Emmanuelle!!!
and I promise a much more fashionable outfit tomorrow 😛