March 29, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

Boarding in an hour with a quick stop over in Paris.

Im at the airport and thankfully the WIFI at Schiphol doesn’t suck so Im able to kill some time online.
My outfit is nothing fancy, I need comfort for the 20 hour trip I am about to adventure.
Hoping that the plane food doesn’t suck (that much), praying to get some sleep and the person sitting next to me on the plane is pleasant (make it super hot and charming), always hope for the best :).

In few hours I will be back home, hugging my mom & dad and teasing my baby brother of how tall and grown up he is now…my sister will join us in two weeks.
I am so excited I can barely wait!!!!

P.S- Thumbs up to me for being able to fit everything in two bags!!! I am so proud of myself!

See you in Mexico!