fashion week diaries

Anna Dello Russo outside BALMAIN

BALMAIN sightings outside the BALMAIN show

Kate Lanphear

You already know this faces :) leaving the BALMAIN show

Beautiful Natasha Poli

Carine outside BALMAIN looking at my camera ♥

The gorgeous Julia

Anna Dello Russo

Me with Anna

Emmanuelle !!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

StyleScrapbook, The Sartorialist and The Chic muse

Outside Rick Owens

Garance Dore and StyleScrapbook

Fashion week has been amazing! I barely have time to post, sorry If I haven’t answered any comments yet but I am running around trying to get to the shows and snapping the best pics for you! :)

I gotta go now but cant wait to let you guys know all about it!!!!



36 thoughts on “fashion week diaries

  1. OMG I'm so jealous right now :) But you totally deserve it! And I love your outfit, it's awesome! Amazing how many people you saw and you actually took picture with Anna! wow. just wow! Have fun and please take as many photos as you can! :)xoxo Simona

  2. Tienes mucha suerte de encontrate con toda esta gente (claro que no pasa a diario). You're a lucky girl :). Keep enjoying your time in Paris as much as you can and keep as tunned.P.S.: I love your posts, it is as though I were there.MIL GRACIAS!!!!-The Trendy Fashionista

  3. im beyond jealous of you right now!i wish i could be beside you when you took those pictures!! :Dps: love your outfit, the skirt is super sick!!!

  4. you doing such a great job Andy! the pics are coming out great and its really cool to see every one there!! Enjoy every moment!xoxoMolly

  5. FREAKING AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Looks like you're having a fabulous time in Paris! And you got to take a picture of Emmanuelle Alt! wow!!!!!!AWESOME!I wanted to be there but I'm stuck in Luxembourg :(xxxEmilie


  7. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!This is AWESOME!!!!You got to take a pic of Emanuelle!!!yay! you're my hero!Anna Dello Russo… WOW! just WOW! loved her outfit!

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