It almost seems like it was yesterday, when I found out I was going to Paris for Fashion Week.

The excitement built for few weeks, I could barely believe it was happening.

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life, you guys all know that by now, but this was it, I needed to see how I felt soaking up on what the industry really is, I wanted to realize If I really fitted in, If I felt like I was mean to be there.
A million things rushed through my head and I had few fears but never doubts.

And so it began, this crazy week, an incredible experience full of amazing moments and amazing people, I cant even begin to tell you how worth it all this was and I really appreciate you guys sticking by my side, reading all my updates, commenting and supporting me.

This is an experience I wont forget and for sure will be coming back next season, the only question is, will it be warm this time? oh and what am I going to wear? haha.

Thanks to all the people that I met during my time there, for the company, the fun, the laughs… I hope to see you all very soon and for my amazing lovely readers, cant wait to report from Paris next season.



P.S- Slowly but surely, I am trying to catch up on answering your emails, please bare with me :)



63 thoughts on “FASHION WEEK DIARIES

  1. french girl – which boots do you sell and where do you sell them?please tell me, you make me inquisitive!sry andy, but I want to know what she's selling ,)

  2. ¿qué te parece mi elección de paris fashion week tu que lo has visto de cerca???mira en mi blog y dame tu opiniónbesos

  3. Your SOOOOOooo Lucky to get to go to Paris Fashion Week Lucky You..One day i hope i can to attend a Fashion show…Love you r outfit

  4. aaaaah you zoomed in on grace coddington!! haha.. i never imagined the seats were like going.. up.. ?? haha anyways.. lovely video's!

  5. I've follow you for the entire FW and I'm sure I'll follow your blog cause I really love it!If you want to see my little blog…www.forget-me-not-chiara.blogspot.comThanks,Chiara

  6. absolutely loving your jacket.. your outfit looks awesome! thank you for keeping us updated with pics from paris fashion week.. at least for those of us who couldn't get there, you let us experience it with you! xoxo


  8. Que padre Andy!!!Muchas felicidades,me encanta que hayas tomado videos, porque así se ve mejor los lugares y como son las pasarelas.

  9. Paris fashion week is definitely a dream come true..thanks for sharing these amazing posts about it! You looked great as always!! It must be hard to be back in Holland?

  10. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! (your outfit of course)You truly deserve it! Working hard and pursuig your dreams will always pay off!Paris, watch out for Andy?! :P

  11. I'm fine thanks :)The rest of the party was crazzyy i loved it, what a shame you didn't stayed much but i can understand about you feet ( whole day in high heels very hard lol)You will moved in Paris? really?? Oh what a great news :)xx Stéphanie

  12. haha woow het is zooo gaaf om te zien dat een Nederlandse meisje/vrouw (haha) er zo uitziet! En naar al die shows gaat enzo.. ik bewonder je hoor echt super!!

  13. Hey Andy !We met at the Castelbajac show !!It was a real pleasure to met you and to have few words with you, i hope we'll met again very soon :)xxStéphanie

  14. Lindo emsamble. Es genial poder mirar Paris fashion week desde los ojos de una blogger, hace que se sienta más de cerca. Debe haber sido un experiencia espectacular, gracias por compartirla. Saludos

  15. Andy i love your outfit, it looks really good :)Que bien que hayas pasado hermoso y disfrutado mucho de tu Paris;) y gracias a ti por llevarnos contigo en tu style scrapbook a Paris y hacernos sentir como que estabamos realmente ahi y aqui segiremos hasta el prximo año y mas!!!un besote<333

  16. You look amazing and thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I cant wait to get an invite to a fashion week….. to be part of the fashion

  17. I'm so glad you were able to attend Fashion Week! Your posts were really exciting and it really did feel for a second that I was there experiencing the mad rush! (:And I hate to be a bother and ask, but I'm looking for pants like yours in a similar cut/style … where might yours be from? Sorry to bother and ask, but they're exactly what I've been looking for! (:

  18. Yep! I also think we will see you in fashion week next year!Love your T-shirt! I wish i was that stylish!Sandra

  19. i am 100% sure that next year at the same time we'll be rading a report from FW Paris 2011 !!i adoreeeeee this outfit!

  20. Andy, I really enjoyed reading all of your posts about Paris Fashion Week and although I didn't have the chance to go(which is one of my dreams) you really made me feel as if I were there.THANKS A MILLION ANDY!!!and FELICIDADES!!! Te lo mereces ams que nadie :)Saludos y Recuerdos-The Trendy Fashionista

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