Emmanuelle & Carine

The French VOGUE dream team.

Hectic but amazing, that is the best 2 words to explain the past few days.
Running between shows sporting 12 cm heels, my feet cant feel the pain anymore, Im way beyond that now.
Have met pretty interesting people, got talking to Anna Dello Russo and Emmanuelle Alt for a bit (no, it wasn’t a dream!) lol.

Got into the Viktor & Rolf show today (thanks darling!:) and it was amazing, have met a bunch of my french readers outside shows and they are all so incredibly nice and kind.
Have been freezing my tushy every single day, but I go for glamour vs comfort this week, I can be comfy when Im home right? not in Fashion Week!

Anyway, I am already 4 days into FW and I dont want it to be over, I am not looking forward to going back, I want to stay here for real and Im sure it will happen, soon enough, I know.

This experience has been incredibly surreal, amazing and all you fashion lovers have to go through it once in your life, This is the mother of all Fashion weeks, you gotta be here and see it for yourselves :)

I have a bunch of pics I have to sort through and will be posting soon.



23 thoughts on “Emmanuelle & Carine

  1. I feel so happy for you. This is such an exceptional experience and I have been following your steps via twitter and your blog :) Enjoy the rest*Nathalie

  2. i can only hope to be there one day!! but you never know what can happen! ;))i am pretty sure you're moving to paris soon egnouf! ;))can't wait to see other pics! xoxo

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