29 thoughts on “Christine Centenera

  1. seriously it's soooo cool that you get to do this.. its like.. wow :P.. and yes she has great style indeed.. i don't believe i ever commented your blog but i've been folowing it for a while i always wondered if you speak dutch since you are mexican..?

  2. NO! Come on, since WHEN sweatpants with stilettos are stylish together? I love trendy things, but that combo is just ridiculous!

  3. SHE IS GORGEOUS!!! TOTALLY LOVE THE HEELS!!!XXwww.thestylingbee.blogspot.comwww.thestylingbee.blogspot.comwww.thestylingbee.blogspot.com

  4. I saw Christine too at Dolce&Gabbana show here in Milan…she could be amazing more than anyone else with simply things on…good job andyxoxohttp://quaintrelleboulevards.blogspot.com

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