before the Lanvin show

March 7, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

I dont know whats up with the weather in Europe this year, but instead of getting warmer, its getting colder, making it so much harder to look stylish.
C’mon Mother nature, its fashion week!!! Can you be a little bit more kind?

Today, Lagerfeld’s show started early, which means, colder and more windy than ever, to me it felt like -8 and Im sure most people there will agree.

Anyway, going back to Fashion, I got to see Sonia Rykiel’s show today, I loved a lot of the pieces, specially those cute furry sweaters/dresses at the end. (shot some short videos, will post them soon :)
Sonia always has cheerful, happy models on her catwalks, nothing serious or posed, its more like a walk in the park, surrounded by staring eyes and photographers, you know, just another normal day :P.

I havent posted a lot of outfit pics, I have been so busy shooting other people that I forget to take outfit pictures, but Im sure some will show up on the web and I will re-blog them :)

If you find me in a blog or website, could you leave the link here??? Its hard finding them by myself and I would really appreciate it :).

Now Im off to take a shower and get ready for some fun night activities…at least thats the plan.