March 26, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

I was invited to the opening of the ACNE store in Antwerp (Belgium) yesterday and it was quite an adventure.

It all started at 3:52 (when Sabrina and I took the train to Antwerp), after a LONG 2 hour ride, we realized that it started to rain.
My outfit wasn’t planned around wet conditions because finally after few months of freezing cold, we were having 18 degrees temperature and wearing sandals seemed completely appropriate.

By the time we got to Antwerp, we were already STARVING and grabbed the quickest fix of all (Mc Donald’s), it was cheap and nasty but it did the trick!
We walked and walked trying to find the store (by this time, the humidity in the air was making my hair all frizzy, so there was actually no point in styling it hours earlier)
We finally found the store, sipped on Champagne, talked to few interesting people, snapped few pictures and perved over all things ACNE.

Off we went, it started to rain again, pouring rain, encountered some perverts on the way back to the station, had a latte & frapuccino at Starbucks, missed our train and had to wait for a whole hour, but we made it and by 12:30 I was home, sweet home.
What a day!

P.S- If you ever in antwerp and feel the need for ACNE, drop by @ Lombardenvest 42.

P.S 2- Dear Acne, I am still waiting for my grey Atacomas, pretty please :D.


Ayer fui a la inauguración de la tienda ACNE en Anveres (Bélgica).
Fue toda una odisea de 2 horas en tren, llegando nos llovió, acabamos comiendo la hamburguesa mas espantosa que he comido en mi vida (si, de McDonalds), caminamos y caminamos hasta encontrar la tienda, conocimos mucha gente interesante y tomamos fotos.

Ya de regreso nos topamos con unos pervertidos (no podían faltar), empezó a llover peor así que acabamos empapadas y para terminar, perdimos el tren de regreso así que terminamos en Starbucks tomando lattes y comiendo muffins.
Por fin y después de varias horas llegue a mi casa como a las 12:30…que día! hahaha


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