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Click on the image to check out StyleScrapbook LIVE on YouTube.

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Haz click en la imagen para checar StyleScrapbook en YouTube.

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Here is one of my lost & found pics from Paris Fashion Week day 9, this time via Easy Fashion in Paris.

Thank you to all the people that sent me the link and to Fred for the feature :).


Esta es otra de mis fotos perdidas en La semana de la moda en Paris via Easy Fashion in Paris.

Gracias a los que la encontraron el la web y me mandaron el link :)


Denim jacket: D.I.Y
Skirt & sweatshirt: ZARA
Leather jacket: ZARA
Sunnies: Dolce Gabbana
Gloves: Inwear

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A lot of you asked me to show you some pics of my house in Mexico, here is a pic, a lot different to the style of my flat in Holland, this is more rustic, really mexican style, I love it, its so nice to come back to this house :)

I love the colors of the vegetables in Mexico, its so cheerful!

Here is a quick posting from my 1st day home.

I am struggling a bit with the outfit pics, Im sorry but I left my photographer in Holland so Im hoping to get good pics and begging my brother & mom to take some.

Tomorrow I am off to see my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. We are all getting together at my grandparents country house, sleep over there, cook amazing food and have a bonfire at night, I cant wait!!!

P.S- Yes, I know I need a tan, but it was way too hot so I needed a skirt :P

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Estas son algunas fotos de mi primer día en Mexico.
Sigo sin conseguir alguien que tome las fotos para el blog, hoy le rogué a mi hermano pero las fotos no son tan buenas, me hubiera traído a mi fotógrafo de Holanda!

Mañana me voy a ver a mis abuelos, primos, tios y tias. Nos vamos a quedar en la casa de campo de mis abuelos y a hacer una fogata a la luz de la luna en la noche :), Como extrañaba Mexico!

P.S- Ya se que me urge un bronceado.

SWEATER: River Island


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March 30, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

Fasten your seatbelts ;)


Paris airport

LADUREE Macaroons ♥♥♥♥♥

StyleScrapbook’s headquarters for the next 4 weeks :D

View from my window this morning

After 24 hours of traveling, I finally got home at nearly 3 in the Morning Mexico time.
It was such a long and slightly annoying trip to be honest, I didnt get a super hot and charming next seat neighbor but instead, a couple of middle aged perverts that made my journey uncomfortable, one of them even started smoking in the middle of the flight, can you imagine!?
The food was beyond rubbish, but what do you do when you are stucked in a plane for 11 hours? You eat it!

I nearly missed my plane in Paris due to a quick stop over at their LADUREE airport store (I had to buy some macaroons!) but made it in the end.
And now for the plus sides; I finally saw my family after a year! woke up on my amazing bed surrounded by things from when I was growing up and best of all, woke up to a sunny and warm day.
Better enjoy the next 4 weeks because they will probably go like a flash!

Now Im off to ask my mom to make me a yummy Mexican breakfast…I missed my moms food!

Thank you for all the good wishes in my latest posting!!

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Y después de 24 horas de viaje, por fin llegue a mi casa ayer a las 3 de la mañana.

El viaje fue súper largo y nefasto, me toco sentarme junto a dos hombres cuarentones que se la pasaron haciendome sentir incomoda, uno de ellos hasta empezó a fumar a medio vuelo!

Casi pierdo mi vuelo en PARIS por estarme metiendo a LADUREE a comprar macaroons, pero no me podia ir sin comprar algunos, es basico!
Y ahora el lado positivo; por fin vi a mi familia después de un año de no verlos, desperté en mi camita rodeada de cosas de cuando crecí y lo mejor de todo es que el día esta soleado y por fin hace calor!

Mil gracias por sus buenos deseos del post anterior! y no se pierdan mis actualizaciones desde Mexico :)