I was lucky enough to visit the showroom of French designer YAZ today, did I mention Im in Paris???? :P.

They started designing jewelry, although now, they also design the coolest t-shirts packed like they were vinyl records and python bags, OH THOSE BAGS!!!! I am in love!!! not to mention their amazing skull rings!!!! You gotta go check it out.

I am over the moon about the fact that I got to keep my favorite bag and ring, I will show you the pics of the bag as soon as I snap them :)
Its Paris, anything can happen, I might even bump into Karl Lagerfeld tomorrow!, I bumped into John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers yesterday, so why not Karl? :P



41 thoughts on “YAZ PARIS

  1. I must say I love Paris too, and I love stylescrapbook. Your outfits and everything you tell!And I went to Paris this summer and bumped into Karl, hope you will have the same experience too haha! Lots of love and keep on going :)

  2. ooo wish to be there and live those moments !!love the bags!!have fun & stay in touch withj us!behindthesceneiva.blogspot.com

  3. Your pictures look amazing Andy. We appreciated so much to have you with us yesterday and be able to introduce you to our friend at Yaz. Happy to hear that you're enjoying the ring and soon the bag.Yaz rocks! They have style, are creative and very exclusive.We're actually still running the "First 50" action on Hypeed where the first 50 contributors get one of those T-Shirts. Right now there are still 15 T-Shirts to be given out. Everyone can participate in one of our calls published on Hypeed. hurry ..;

  4. Oh this is so exciting!!I love the ring you chose, The detailing is fantastic!And there show room looks so coolKeep on having fun over there!Say hello to Karl for me!! hahawww.myliesytlin.com


  6. Wow gorgeous set up and great pics :)Love your ring and those Obama rings are cute too.Love you and your job, amazing girly!Stace xhttp://teeandfame.blogspot.com

  7. i absolutely LOVE your blog andy! and those bags are to die for;; keep up the good work – you're very inspiring :)<3http://hauntedvelvet.blogspot.com/

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